Mark Holdsworth sent this in:

TNA’s Maximum Impact Tour this coming January stops at the Wembley Arena in London on Sat January 29th. As of today, this show is close to being sold out, with only upper bowl tickets remaining. TNA broke their all time record for attendance two years ago in London and had another strong showing in 2010 at the Wembley arena. TNA’s largest fan base is in the UK and these stellar crowds each year prove how successful their brand truly is across the pond. As a result, TNA has put great focus on developing their UK stars in the last year or so and hope to secure a new UK TV deal in the next week or so.

This year’s Maximum Impact tour is headlined by Ric Flair, RVD, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy. With crowds and fan followings the way they are in the UK, TNA should strongly consider doing an Impact Tapping or PPV there. There would be cost involved for production crews etc, but this type of big show feel would transcend nicely on TV and help make TNA look like a big company. Impact is a taped show any ways, so having the results already known in advance should not hurt viewing. In addition, I would love to see TNA do their BIG PPV Bound For Glory from Wembley Arena, they would have a legit large crowd of over 9,000 people and could start the show live in the UK at 3pm, so it would play at the regular 8pm time here in the USA/Canada market. They wouldn’t have to paper the crowds like they have done in the last few years in LA and Daytona and the crowd would be red hot. Their stars would perform at higher levels than ever before due to the crowd reaction and having a crowd like this would rival a true big time PPV feel of a Wrestlemania.