1/6 TNA Results: Wallingford, Connecticut

James Lacerenza sent this report in:

TNA Results – Wallingford, CT:

This will be less detailed than most of my reports because Jeremy Borash had me screaming so loud for backstage passes, I had to get a beverage and relax at the concession stand – but I know who won and lost, lol.

Jay Lethal defeated Robbie E (With Cookie) and Frankie Kazarian in a three way match for the X Division Title. Obligatory “Tower of Doom” spot was highlight of the match.

Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship. Good match. Mickie was over big tonight. Earl Hebner was your ref and he got the usual “you screwed Bret!” chants – and then he revealed his shirt in response – the “You’re Damn Right I Did!” one. He was selling it after the show. Anyway, finish came when Hebner kissed Madison, and then, something happened. (I forgot. Borash had everybody in that arena screaming their butts off for passes. He and Don West did such a good job I forgot there was wrestling. lol)

Ken Anderson defeated “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero – Very entertaining promo by Kennedy…super over, Pope was over too, but Anderson was white hot. Funny moment came when there was no microphone from the ceiling (the arena is a domed theatre in the round with your basic lighting) and he eventually just snatched a mic from the timekeeper after the crowd asked “Where’s the mic!” via chanting. After his win, Kennedy invited a little kid in the ring to announce him as the winner, which led to a cute pop. At this point, I was exhausted from screaming, so I had a snack.

Beer Money defeated Ink Inc. There was a long intermission while the first set of backstage pass winners got to go and meet, among others, Jeff Hardy. I was right by where the fans entered and exited and it sounded like they had an awesome time. Apparently, D-Lo Brown was there as road agent too, because fans met him.

Meanwhile, a very nice lady named Kathy who works at the Oakdale Theater let me cut in line to have Mickie James meet me. I had brought Mick Foley’s new book, funny comment from Mickie: “I’ll sign under the front cover flap so he’ll never see it.” And then I kissed her on the hand because my wheelchair wasn’t in a good spot for a hug. Her reaction: Aw, you’re SUCH a gentlemen!” Made my night! 😉 Also said a quick hello to Jeff Jarrett and Don West during intermission and told him how sorry I was that his wife died a few years ago from colon cancer (it took my mom 5 years ago as well.) He seemed shocked but in a positive way, and genuinely touched.

Back from intermission, Jeremy Borash teased a possible future PPV in Wallingford judging by the crowd noise. The arena claims to hold 5,000 and was sold out legit, but it’s very intimate looking.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Tommy Dreamer in an open challenge. Jarrett was going to do an MMA match for the $100,000 bounty he’s had, but eventually after cutting a good promo, Dreamer came out and said he wanted a hardcore match. A highlight for me was when they brawled on the entranceway, which was actually a downward staircase. Dreamer took a massive hip toss bump from the stairs to the floor, but kept going. Jarett ultimately cheated to win.

Jeff Hardy retained the TNA World Title over Matt Morgan. Morgan was WAY over (He’s from down the road in Fairfield) but the kids and ladies LOVED Jeff (no surprise). A lot of good false finishes; ending came when Hardy hit a Twist of Fate AFTER Morgan hit a carbon footprint that Hardy, either foor heel purposes or for real, kept him down for a wile. (again, I was sitting by the exit, but the place is so intimate, you can see pretty good from there, too.)

After the show, JB had a surprise: To heck with backstage passes, he sent the locker room out to the rest of the fans. Lots of them greeted fans. Jay Lethal signed Mick’s book. Met Earl Hebner; bought his shirt, met Jarrett again. Would’ve posed with Hardy and the ridiculous “Mattel Rey Mysterio Barbie Belt” for $10 but how I would’ve gotten in the ring with my wheelchair, I never would’ve figured out. Despite that, for my first TNA show, a lot of fun. Now if only they moved out of Orlando full time.

James “The MDA Guy” Lacerenza
Stamford, CT