GENESIS: Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson (TNA Title)

TNA Championship
Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Mr. Anderson

Hardy beats over Anderson with a few forearms and connects with a Twist of Hate. Hardy covers…1…2…Anderson kicks out. Hardy is surprised. We can still see Matt Morgan on the outside recovering from the prior #1 contendership match. Hardy picks up a lifeless Anderson and connects with a second Twist of Hate. Hardy covers…1…2…Anderson gets a shoulder up. Hardy can’t believe it. Hardy goes to pick up Anderson again and Anderson falls down tossing Hardy through the ropes to the outside. Anderson distracts the referee as Matt Morgan clotheslines Hardy on the outside. Morgan tosses Hardy back in the ring, Anderson covers and gets a close two count. Hardy and Anderson start exchanging right hands. Anderson gets the better of it until Hardy kicks him in the gut. Anderson with a big combo into a spinning neckbreaker for a close two count. Hardy with a Whisper in the Wind on Anderson. Anderson falls out of the ring and attempts to recover. Hardy grabs a steel chair and walks towards Anderson. Mick Foley runs up and takes the chair out of the hand of Hardy. Ric Flair walks down and yells at Foley. TNA officials break it up between them. In the ring, Hardy tosses Anderson back in. Hardy is up top and Anderson crotches him. Anderson tries to climb up, but Hardy pushes him away to the mat. Hardy with a Swanton Bomb. Hardy hooks the leg…1…2…Anderson somehow kicks out yet again. Anderson with his flipping shoulder bomb on Hardy. Hardy recovers quickly and takes out Anderson with a clothesline. Hardy calls for his brother Matt. Matt runs down and RVD is in pursuit. RVD pulls Matt away from the ring and hits him with right hands near the ramp. Bischoff has a chair in the ring. Anderson kicks Bischoff and gives him a Mic Check. Hardy is back in, Anderson counters a Twist of Hate and hits the Mic Check. Anderson hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW TNA Champion: Mr. Anderson

Huge reaction from the crowd in Orlando to the finish. After the match, Mr. Anderson is handed the TNA Championship as other members of Immortal and Fortune run down in shock. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Anderson is holding up the TNA Championship. Anderson reaches up for his mic to speak. Looks like a fan ran in to take part in the fun. He refers to himself as the Total Nonstop Action Champion, Mr. Anderson. The PPV goes off the air with Anderson celebrating on all four corners holding up the TNA Championship.

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