from ECW Press:

He’s back!

Here at ECW’s Toronto office Vince Russo’s ROPE OPERA has just arrived from the printer ? cracking open the boxes and flipping through the first few copies of his book certainly brightened our day.

Rope Opera ? How the WCW Killed Vince Russo is shipping out to stores as I type this; it hits stores February 1st.

If you read this far, chances are you either read or know about Russo’s first book, Forgiven, in which he delivered a message about the price of success. In heartbreaking detail, he showed how a ?godforsaken business? led him into a spiritual wasteland.

It is a changed Russo who has returned to wrestling ? a world he both loves and that has, he acknowledges, broken his heart. Russo states in the prologue to Rope Opera, ?The truth is, I always knew there would be a second book. Since writing Forgiven my thoughts and emotions have incubated, getting to the point of bursting from me much like Bruce Banner bursts from those hideous purple pants as he transforms into the Incredible Hulk.?

And for two hours every Thursday, Russo’s ideas and words are broadcast on Spike TV; but what he achieves on Impact! on a weekly basis has been many years in the making. He’s been known as both the savior of the WWF and the man who destroyed WCW, and Rope Opera is the true, behind-the-scenes story of, quite simply, the rise and fall and rebirth of professional wrestling.

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