According to a number of wrestling media reports, an incident took place in Dublin, Ireland with Ric Flair following TNA’s house show event in the city where Flair was left behind by the TNA crew.

According to reports, Flair “demanded money in advance” from TNA tour manager Craig Jenkins as they were departing on a bus heading to the airport to take the crew to Berlin, Germany. When Jenkins denied this request by Flair, Flair refused to get on the bus and a decision was made to leave him behind. We are told members of the TNA crew supported this decision and were even mocking Flair for his sudden outburst using “signature promo lines” when he was left behind.

Some were calling into question Flair’s partying ways during the tour, something he is notorious for. It should be noted that Flair was not sent home by TNA, but was simply left behind as a decision was made to move on without him and not hold up the entire crew who were waiting to travel. Flair is still believed to be in Europe and could catch up with the group with remaining dates in Glasgow, Scotland on January 27, Manchester, England on January 28 and London, England on January 29.