John Bertollo sent this report in:

This is the report for the TNA House Show in Rahway, NJ on 3/12/11

Before the show began, there were 2 really good deals being offered by Don West. For $15, you could buy an AJ Styles limited edition figure and go backstage to have him sign it. Also, a Jeff Jarrett cast truck was being sold for $80 and go backstage to have him sign it. Both offers sold out. Also before the show, Kazarian signed at the merchandise table while several TNA stars came around the ring to sign.

JB came out to get the show started. He hyped up the backstage passes, which led to Gunner and Murphy coming out to interrupt. They informed JB that Jeff Jarrett has stated there will be no backstage passes tonight. JB overruled the decision and gave them out anyway.

Match 1: X-Division Title Match: Kazarian def Robbie E w/ Cookie and Jersey Shore’s Angelina and Shannon Moore in a 3-way match. In a big surprise, Robbie E. had Jersey Shore’s Angelina with him along with Cookie. Before the match really got underway, Robbie tried to get both Kaz and Shannon to do the fist pump with him. They faked it and flipped off Robbie before starting the match. Kazarian wins with the reverse tombstone finisher to retain the X-Division title.

Match 2: Knockout Title Match: Madison Rayne def Velvet Sky. Prior to the match, Earl Hebner is introduced. The crowd got hot with a “you screwed Bret” chant. He stopped on the apron and watched a little girl chant it to him. He jumped off the apron and tried to climb the guardrail while being “restrained” by TNA security. Hebner laughed about it and blew the girl a kiss afterwards. When in the ring, he took off his referee shirt to reveal a “Damn Right I Did” shirt and put on his pink sunglasses and did the Bret Hart pose around the ring. During the match, Hebner became the luckiest man in the building and got to make out with Madison. Madison won with a roll-up with her feet on the ropes to retain the Knockouts title. Hebner saw the feet, but counted anyway. A loud “You Screwed Velvet” chant started and she took a swing at him, but Earl ducked and got out of the ring.

Match 3: Matt Morgan def Hernandez after delivering the carbon footprint.

Match 4: Tag Team Title Match: Beer Money def Gunner and Murphy. Prior to the match, Gunner and Murphy faked throwing their shirts into the stands. Beer Money came out and there their own shirts into the stand. Then, they took Gunner and Murphy’s shirts into the stand (Storm threw the one he had right at me). After several double team moves and some confusion in the ring, Beer Money hit the DWI on Gunner and pinned him to retain their tag team titles.

20-Minute Intermission. Velvet Sky signed autographs for the crowd.

Match 5: AJ Styles def Jeff Hardy. Lots of heat for Jeff Hardy during this match. Lots of chants about Hardy being sober, doing drugs, Matt Hardy being better, etc. AJ Styles wins this great match with the Styles Clash.

Prior to the main event, Jeff Jarrett comes out. As he turns the corner in front of me, he sees a TMZ reporter with another guy with a camera recording. Jarrett gets the microphone and says that someone here has been disrespecting him and his company. He said this TMZ reporter asked him in the parking lot on his way in, “Hey Jeff, do you wear a sock when you wrestle?” Jarrett said he wishes the reporter would say it to his face, which led to the TMZ reporter hoping the guard rail and standing in front of Jarrett. The reporter asks Jarrett the question in his face and Jarrett grabbed the reporter by both hands and threw him into the guardrail. Jarrett said, “Ask my wife if I wear a sock.” and went at the guy again. Several TNA security guards and producers from the back ran out to separate them. Being 5 feet away from it happening, it looked pretty legit to me. After security gets the TMZ guy out there, Jarrett looks shaken up and talks to a security guy for a few minutes while Angle comes out for the match.

Match 6: Kurt Angle def Jeff Jarrett. Angle is sporting a new knee brace and he looked like he was favoring his knee throughout the match. Kurt Angle wins with the Angle Slam.

After the match, JB comes out and says Kurt Angle will be taking pictures in the ring for $20. Angle gets the mic and says he isn’t in the mood for water. He is in the mood for beer. Out comes Beer Money. $20 for your picture with Kurt Angle and Beer Money! Jeff Jarrett was also signing autographs by the merchandise table while several TNA superstars came around the ring to sign autographs. When I got to Jarrett, I said, “I don’t know if the TMZ thing was fake or legit, but you should have punched him in the face.” He responded with, “Oh, it was real. Those guys aren’t cool.” So, I guess we will see what happens…

Overall, it was an amazing night! Not much lead-in for the PPV tomorrow night, but TNA knows how to put on house shows! Much better than WWE ones…