TNA Victory Road 2011 Students of the Week Edition
March 13, 2011
Written by: Anthony J. Valvo of


Well, readers of WrestleView I must first type that this is not a repost by Adam Martin. This is what the Students of the Week selected as the winners for TNA’s Victory Road 2011.

The reason why they are getting a very rare “article” of their own? Well, the last PPV our previous Student of the Week only went 3-2. The rule is that if the student of the week is defeated, then those WrestleView Students that got the best standing will be the Student of the Week.

Well, when I tallied up everything three weeks ago, it turns out that FOURTEEN of the readers went 5-for-5 in picking the Elmination Chamber. Therefore, all Fourteen will take part in providing their selections. Now some may be absent. If they send them after press time, I will place them under the comments.

These Students of the Week have the upper hand in retaining their spot for the next PPV, which happens to be WWE’s WrestleMania XXVII. The WrestleView Students will have to take risks and hope for more than likely a perfect record. The students in this article have the opportunity to retain and be a part of WrestleView’s own little WrestleMania party.

Well, without further delay here are the reigning “Students of the Week”

Antonio DeGaetano
Paul Smith
Frank McMahen
Nick Latham
Robert Downing
Pat Lorang
Michael Fox
Brandon Ewing
Wade Bradford
Paul Meade *
VKingoftheWorldV *
Brian Czygan
Kyle Patin *
Joe Devine *

* Those with an asterisk have not sent me their choices as of press time. However, if I do get them in they will be a part of the game.

To all that provide predictions (the Students of the Week as well as the WrestleView Student Body), I wish you good luck and good prediction skills. Here’s to WrestleMania!

Predictions for TNA’s Victory Road 2011

*** Non-Championship Matches ***

First Blood Match
Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez

Antonio D. – HERNANDEZ, for really no reason at all.

Paul S. – HERNANDEZ. It’ll be Supermex’s first PPV back so I’m expecting him to go over at VR.

Frank M. – HERNANDEZ wins via DQ.

Nick L. – Gonna have to go with SUPER MEX for this one. It could go either way but I think Hernandez is the one who will move on to bigger things after this.

Robert D. – I will go with HERNANDEZ, just cause I remember Matt taking him out.

Pat L. – I have no idea who is going to win this match and with 1st blood someone could accidently still win. I pick HERNANDEZ just on a blind guess.

Michael F. – HERNANDEZ.

Brandon E. – HERNANDEZ.

Wade B. – HERNANDEZ has been getting a little push since his return, and Morgan has taken a couple steps back since he was in the world title scene. Hernandez wins and makes Morgan bleed.

Brian C. – I’ll take HERNANDEZ to win in a screwy kane/stone cold finish.


Singles Match
Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

Antonio D. – Dreamer’s job is no longer to further his career with wins, but to further storylines. BULLY RAY wins here.

Paul S. – BULLY RAY. Bully wins to set up a rubber match for Lockdown with him and D-Von.

Frank M. – BULLY RAY wins after Dreamer cries knowing that he and Ray were in ECW together.

Nick L. – BULLY RAY. Can’t see Dreamer getting the win and possible Devon interference says Bully will get another victory.

Robert D. – BULLY RAY. I don’t see Dreamer winning a TNA PPV match.

Pat L. – I didn’t fully understand the Bully Ray/Dreamer/Devon segment this past Impact. Dreamer wanted to fight Ray but then stopped Devon from possibly ending the whole thing with a sledge hammer. It sets up the PPV match as predictable with a BULLY RAY win to save face from the beating.

Michael F. – BULLY RAY I am looking at this match and thinking it will be a win for bully Ray via DQ because Devon is gonna get involved.


Wade B. – Dreamer might have a chance if he gets on the mic, talks about the industry he’s in, and drowns Ray in his tears. But I doubt that happens. BULLY RAY wins.

Brian C. – Who cares really? We have got two completely out of shape over the hill wrestles who were never anything special. In the 2011 fat cup I’ll take BULLY RAY.


Winner earns the #1 Contender spot for the TNA World Championship
Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam

Antonio D. – MR. ANDERSON will become the official number one contender.

Paul S. – MR ANDERSON……Anderson. Anderson’s tweener status puts him in better stead to be the no 1 contender for Sting’s title, esp. after his attack on Sting on iMPACT.

Frank M. – MR. ANDERSON wins after trapping RVD in an acme box by using a blunt as bait.

Nick L. – On the basis he could feud with either winner of the Title match, I’m going for everyone’s favorite A$$hole MISTEERRR ANDERSON…… Anderson

Robert D. – MR. ANDERSON!

Pat L. – I’m going with MR. ANDERSON here just because I feel he has the better possible programs with current champion Sting and challenger Jeff Hardy.

Michael F. – Hardest Match of the night to pick. With what’s been going on with Impact the last month and with everything that went down last week I am picking MR. ANDERSON it makes logical sense.

Brandon E. – MR. ANDERSON.

Wade B. – Hey, kids, maybe Mr. Anderson will be all “rebellious” and say a$$hole a billion times during the show like a bad comedian using dirty words as a crutch. That a way to stick it to the man and not conform. Weak. That being said, ANDERSON wins and is #1 contender.

Brian C. – God knows ANDERSON needs to get a title shot at another ppv has only had like six.


Singles Match
AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy

Antonio D. – AJ STYLES. Matt Hardy actually beating Styles clean would be a travesty. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if Flair cost AJ the match in some way.

Paul S. – STYLES. Because who cares about Meh Hardy?

Frank M. – MATT HARDY wins after the FIRST attempted pin by Hardy. Aj Styles is literally unable to kick out due to the Fatt.

Nick L. – AJ. Think this is going to build to possible match up with Flair down the line so makes no sense for AJ to lose to Hardy

Robert D. – AJ STYLES. I did catch Impact on Thursday and saw this segment and AJ will need revenge against all that.

Pat L. – All Hardy should be here is just another victory for AJ STYLES.

Michael F. – AJ STYLES.

Brandon E. – AJ STYLES.

Wade B. – Go eat a doughnut, Hardy. AJ STYLES wins and Fattitude goes to b!tch about it on the internet.

Brian C. – Imagine that John Cena loses to the Miz and then falls into a feud for the U.S. title then he begins a feud with R-Truth. Sounds crazy huh, well that is what’s happening to AJ. Like it or not hes the face of the company and they need to get him out of these garbage matches lets start with a win tonight AJ STYLES.


*** Championship Matches ***

Tag Team Match for the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Angelina Love and Winter (c’s) vs. Sarita and Rosita

Antonio D. – I’ll go with ANGELINA & WINTER, although I haven’t cared about the Knockouts since Daffney stopped appearing.

Paul S. – LOVE and WINTER (I’d like to see her ‘cold front’ etc etc….). I could not believe that clusterf**k of a 6 knockouts tag on iMPACT Thursday. Worst ‘match’ of the year by far (and I HAVE seen Vickie G’s matches). I imagine creative are just going to flip a coin over this one so I am too. Champs to retain probably.

Frank M. – ANGELINA LOVE and WINTER win the match and Winter changes her name to Spring, the current season.

Nick L. – SARITA & ROSITA. Want this over with so they can finally get this crap over with.

Robert D. – SARITA AND ROSITA I guess.

Pat L. – Something happens in this match as I don’t think it end cleanly to give ROSITA AND SARITA the new tag champions.



Wade B. – Why would TNA even bother to have a Knockouts Tag Title match on a PPV unless they were going to change hands to further a storyline? That’s the one and only reason. SARITA and ROSITA win the titles, probably due to Velvet and Winter arguing.

Brian C. – Umm, I don’t know, ANGELINA/WINTER.


Tag Team Match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship
Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) (c’s) vs. Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal)

Antonio D. – I don’t really see this feud going anywhere, so I’ll stick with BEER MONEY.

Paul S. – BEER….MONEY! Beer Money are still fresh as champs and Ink Inc don’t seem ready. They only seem to be # 1 contender as there’s no-one else available anyway.

Frank M. – BEER MONEY wins after dressing up Shannon Moore like a girl in which Matt Hardy comes out to have his way with him.

Nick L. – Again for future storylines, gotta go with BEER….MONEY. Ink Inc., sorry bout your damn luck!

Robert D. – BEER MONEY don’t see those other two winning at all.

Pat L. – Ink Inc will put up a great fight but BEER MONEY will still be the TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Michael F. – BEER MONEY.

Brandon E. – BEER MONEY.

Wade B. – Who the hell does Ink Inc. think they are? BEER MONEY retains without breaking a sweat or spilling a drop of beer.

Brian C. – For the love of god let BEER $$ win.


Ultimate X Match for the TNA X Division Championship
Kazarian (c) vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E.

Antonio D. – I don’t see Robbie winning Ultimate X, and I think TNA needs GenMe as a cohesive tag team, so let’s go with KAZARIAN.

Paul S. – KAZ. Kaz has been looking really good of late. I can’t see why they’d take the belt of him at the moment.

Frank M. – ROBBIE E wins after he shoves cheetohs down the Bucks’ throats and whacks Kazarian with a 3 liter of Mountain Dew.

Nick L. – Just like Against All Odds (Beer Money & Steiner vs Immortal Goons), If KAZARIAN doesn’t win this, I riot!!

Robert D. – Hopefully KAZ, so I’ll pick him. But I won’t be surprised if Robbie E wins.

Pat L. – I don’t understand why TNA or WWE for that matter puts a tag team into a singles title match or storyline. I hope KAZARIAN wins so that’s my pick.

Michael F. – My Logic The bucks will cancel each other out and I do not honestly think Robbie E. has much of a shot so I’m going with KAZARIAN to retain.

Brandon E. – KAZARIAN.

Wade B. – Are we supposed to take the Bucks and Robbie seriously as threats to the title? This match will be the usual spotfest, but it feels more like filler just to have the X-division on the card. KAZ retains easily.

Brian C. – KAZARIAN, because he is truly the best of this weak bunch.

PROJECTED WINNER: KAZARIAN 9; Robbie E. 1; Both members of Generation Me got zero.

Singles Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Sting (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Antonio D. – STING holds on to the title, while Hardy goes on to resume / continue his feud with Van Dam.

Paul S. – STINGER. Sting retains so that Jeff can be free to face the one opponent he can’t seem to shake, the federal courts.

Frank M. – STING wins after reading Jeff Hardy his charges for his drug trial.

Nick L. – Really could go either way, but with Lockdown around the corner, Must go for STING and hope we get Hardy vs. RVD inside the six sides!

Robert D. – STING of course.

Pat L. – I hope TNA didn’t take the title off of Hardy only to put it right back on him 2 or so weeks later. I’m going to say STING pulls out the victory.

Michael F. – STING.

Brandon E. – JEFF HARDY.

Wade B. – I think Anderson and Sting’s actions at the end of Impact cemented that we’re going to have them in the cage for the title at Lockdown. Besides, TNA’s world title scene needs a little stability right now. STING retains.

Brian C. – Honestly I think Jeff will win this one. Why? Because TNA is run by complete and utter idiots but I’ll go with my heart and take STING to win this one.



Well, this wraps up the special “Students of the Week” section of Predictions from the Faculty.

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