Runing Wild With Ted Nugent

Goldy Locks takes on Ted Nugent on CMT

After some production stops and starts, Running Wild with Ted Nugent is set to air on CMT on March 23rd. Four consecutive episodes will air beginning at 1 a.m. central time. Rock singer/songwriter Goldy Locks appears as one of the contestants in the raucous series which features Nugent as a survivalist trainer who then hunts his own students. “I eat maggots on the show!” – Goldy

Set your TiVo and enjoy. Thanks in advance for watching and if you want to see more of Goldy on network, TV, tell ’em so! Call 615.335.8400 or PLEASE email with your comments and ask for more Goldy Locks!

You may appear in a Goldy Locks video

Supporters in Nashville also have an opportunity to appear attend a live taping of the Goldy Locks Band show on March 27th at 8:30 p.m. at The Rutledge. Audience members may be included in the final edit of this promotional video. Special guest appearance by Jesse Keith Whitley, son of legendary singers Lorrie Morgan and the late Keith Whitley. The show will be taped with several high def cameras so come camera-ready and prepped for fun!