Brennan Lucas sent in the following:

Before the show started Mick Foley was signing autographs
out by the merchandise stand.

Shark Boy defeated Homicide

Rhino defeated Jay Lethal

Abyss defeated Dr. Stevie (Foley was involved during the

Awesome Kong and Hamada defeated The Beautiful People
(Knockout’s Tag Team Titles Match)

Intermission (The Beautiful People did an autograph sessions
during it.)

Beer Money Inc. defeated British Invasion

AJ Styles defeated Daniels (Jeff Jarrett was the special
guest referee)

After the show, they did the usual $20 charge to get inside
the ring for a picture with AJ Styles.

Also Abyss, Jay Lethal, Shark Boy, Beer Money Inc, and Jeff
Jarrett came out and were signing autographs during the AJ Styles picture

Biggest pops ? AJ Styles, Beer Money Inc and
Foley/Abyss (In my opinion.)

Biggest heats ? British Invasion, Daniels and Homicide
(In my opinion.)
Great show in general, definitely worth every penny.
There is the house show results, enjoy.

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