4/9 TNA Results: Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Kenny Smell Jr. sent this report in:

I just got back from the live TNA Event in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania right outside of Pittsburgh. I have been to countless wrestling events in my time, including many WWE Pay-Per-Views like King of the Ring 1998 (Foley vs Taker Hell in a Cell), and I can say without a doubt that this was the best event I’ve ever attended.


Matt Hardy, Madison Rayne, and Jeremy Borash all signed autographs at a Sheetz right down the road from the event. The autographs were free, and they also gave away a few tickets and tee shirts. Matt, Madison, and Jeremy were all very nice and it set the pace for the rest of the evening.

Don West came out and told us a little about the event. He’s a funny dude.

Before the event started Mickie James took pics with everyone and signed autographs. Samoa Joe also signed autographs.

Throughout the event they gave away free back stage passes.

Match 1

Kaz defeated Matt Hardy to retain the X-Division title. Hardy had a lot of fun with the crowd. After the match Hardy asked the ref to come over and it appeared he injured his ankle. He took his boot off and was helped to the back.

Match 2

Earl Hebner was introduced and got the inevitable “You Screwed Bret” chants. He took his shirt off to reveal a “You’re Damn Right I Did” Hebner shirt, and put on sun glasses and did the Bret Hart taunt around the ring. He was great.

Traci Brooks defeated Madison Rayne in a non-title match. Mickie James was in an arm sling the entire evening. She introduced Brooks as a surprise opponent. Madison Rayne is great on the mic and really got the crowd into it. Most people were booing and laughing at the same time. During the match Madison Rayne fell into Hebner, resulting in a kiss from Hebner. After the match he got another kiss from Brooks, resulting in another ref coming out to fan him off and help him up.

Match 3

Matt Morgan defeated Hernandez. Hernandez claimed he was going to Mexicanize the town of Belle Vernon, turning it into Little Tijuana. Hernandez dominated most of the match, but Moran pulled off a victory.

Match 4

Beer Money defeated Gunner and Murphy to retain the Tag Team Championships. Beer Money was extremely entertaining. The crowd loved doing the “Beer… Money” chant. Storm convinced Hebner to call a time out so that he could drink some more. Hebner took a few sips himself. Storm offered Gunner a drink but kept moving the bottle when Gunner tried to take it.


Madison Rayne signed more autographs during the intermission.

Match 5

Abyss defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Monster’s Ball match. Nobody expected either guy to be there so it was a very pleasant surprise.

Match 6

Samoa Joe defeated Bully Ray. Ray pissed the crowd off majorly with a heap of insults about the Pittsburgh area and the Steelers.

Match 7

Kurt Angle defeated Jeff Jarrett via Ankle Lock. Mick Foley was the special guest referee. Brian Hebner had enough of Jeff Jarrett and took his shirt off to challenge Jarret. The spot was hilarious.

After the show Angle and Foley stayed in the ring and everyone was invited to step into the ring and get their picture taken with them. While they were doing that, Beer Money, Hernandez, Borash, Abyss, and Matt Morgan all came out to sign autographs. Jeff Jarrett also had a table set up for autographs.

I have never had so much fun in my life. If anyone has a chance to check out a live TNA event do it! My tickets were $20 a piece, and I spent about $50 tonight all together for the programs and different pictures. The wrestlers that we met and talked with were very kind and I felt like I was part of the entire show. Thumbs up!