The following was taped on Tuesday, April 19 in Orlando, FL:

TNA Impact for April 21:

-AJ Styles comes out and challenges Bully Ray to a match in a cage tonight. They have a cage with weapons lowered. Bully Ray comes out and teases getting in the cage but doesn’t. Christopher Daniels runs down, throws Ray into the cage, and locks the door. AJ beats on Ray but he eventually escapes.

-Gunner and Rob Terry want a shot for the TNA Tag Team Titles in a cage match. Beer Money accepts their challenge.

-Hulk Hogan cuts a promo on Rob Van Dam, saying he missed his chance to join Immortal. RVD comes out and they talk about respect. Sting comes out and announces he’ll take on RVD with the title on the line at Sacrifice. The Network gave Sting a clause that he could pick his own opponents. Hogan says he’s going to find out who’s running the Network.

-Rosita & Sarita def. Madison Rayne & Tara. Rayne and Tara kept fighting one another.

-Jeff Jarrett comes out with Karen Angle to declare her “Queen of the Mountain”. Kurt Angle comes out and Angle Slams him through a chair. Angle tells Karen that it will never be over between them.

-Abyss def. Rob Van Dam when Hulk Hogan interfered. Crimson made the save here.

-Matt Morgan says he wants a shot at the World Title. Scott Steiner comes out and says he also wants a shot. Morgan proposes a match and Steiner agrees. Steiner then lays Morgan out.

-Sting def. Matt Hardy. Mr. Anderson ran down and hit the Mic Check on both of them. Anderson cut a promo on Sting to end the show.