The following was taped on Tuesday, May 3 in Orlando, FL:

TNA Impact for May 12:

-Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out to the ring and want a truce with Kurt Angle. Jeff doesn’t want Karen put in harm’s way. Karen says they have a restraining order out on Kurt for his own well being. She then asks him to come out. What? Angle says he can’t believe he stayed married to her and announces at Sacrifice it will be him and his “business partner” taking on Jeff and Karen Jarrett.

-Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher def. Madison Rayne & Tara

-Beer Money cuts a promo and basically says they want to face the Hardy Boys. Matt Hardy comes out and says they are worthless. Matt says he and his partner will take their titles. Matt says he and his partner were raised to be champions and introduces his partner: Chris Harris.

-Sangriento def. Suicide

-Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Ric Flair come out after the match. Flair low blows Suicide. Hogan demands to know who’s running the network. Mick Foley comes out. Foley says Hogan conned his way into the company but he won’t ruin it. The show is “Impact Wrestling” and it’s about wrestling. Foley announces a Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender. Foley also introduces Angle’s partner: Chyna. Chyna came out to a huge response.

-Crimson def. Abyss & Samoa Joe. Abyss laid Crimson out after.

-They retaped the entire segment when Mick Foley came out to confront Immortal.

-Mr. Anderson won the Battle Royal and became #1 Contender. Chyna eliminated Jeff Jarrett from the match.