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This Sunday: Mr. Anderson Online Chat During Sacrifice 2011 Pay-Per-View

Mr. Anderson has been announced to be the VIP guest for the “Chat with the Stars” VIP Chat during Sacrifice 2011 on May 15th. As one of TNA Wrestling’s top contenders for the title and an outspoken figure in professional wrestling, Mr. Anderson should prove to give chat participants an exciting night in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity chat.

To participate in the chat, simply purchase the Sacrifice PPV online at and you are in! Not only will you be able to watch the pay-per-view event online, but you will also be able to chat with Mr. Anderson about the matches in real-time. In addition – we will send every eligible online pay-per-view buyer (U.S. and Canada only) a free Mr. Anderson “People Are Fake II” t-shirt as well as a free “a**hole” camo hat. The entire package costs only $34.95! (Canadian residents will need to pay separate shipping for the shirt and hat.)

In an area where you can’t buy the pay-per-view? We haven’t forgotten our friends in areas such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and other regions who can’t stream the pay-per-view! To chat with Mr. Anderson, simply go online to and purchase the “Mr. Anderson ‘People Are Fake II'” T-Shirt at this link and we will send you your very own invitation to chat with Mr. Anderson and see him live in video while chatting. Those who have already purchased the “People Are Fake II” shirt since April 24, 2011 can email their order number to to get their free access as well!

Space in the chat is limited to only 200 reserved seats. Use the links below to reserve your seats today!

To purchase the PPV and reserve your VIP Chat (U.S & Canada only) :

To purchase your “People Are Fake II” Shirt and reserve a VIP Chat seat: