9/3 TNA Results: Woodstock, Virginia

David Moss sent this report in:

The pre-show meet and greet was a giant mess. Doors were supposed to open at 5 for the meet and greet. Around 6 they finally let us in. Since they were still sitting up the ring they had everyone go over to another area where the merchandise stand was. After the 20 minute “buy our crap” deal, no Don West, the wrestlers started coming out to sign. Usually it’s around the ring which is somewhat organized but this was not.

Matches before intermission included Austin Aries vs Robbie E vs Alex Shelly. Decent, quick match. Aries was way over. He tried hard to get the crowd against him. Shelly for the win.

Next was Bully Ray vs Mr Anderson. Another quick match. Anderson won with Mic Check.

Third match was Winter vs Mickie James. Mickie James probably had the loudest pop of the night as she’s from 2 hours away. Mickie James with implant DDT, not sure of her finisher’s name.

Fourth match was Devon and Pope D Angelo Dinero vs Mexican America. Mexican America won after Hernandez hit Devon with the belt when the ref wasn’t looking. Good match.

After intermission saw Eric Young vs Jeff Jarrett. Did a few comedy spots but otherwise an ok match. Non Title, Jarrett wins with the stroke.

Next was Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles. Angle won. We left a few minutes into it to skip the fair traffic so we missed the finish.