The following emails were sent in by readers who had issues viewing the TNA No Surrender PPV in the UK this week on Challenge TV.

John Cooper sent this in: I have just watched the No Surrender PPV that was shown in the UK on the Challenge TV station. Just before the main event there was an ad-break and when the ads finished a voice over came on and said, “We are unable to return to the scheduled program, here is something you weren’t expecting!”. It then went on to show part of a UK Gladiators show, which had Magnus in it, and then a few bits of some crappy Japanese game show! Long story short the UK lost the chance to see the main event of the PPV! Very annoyed.

Matt Kennedy sent this in: The coverage of TNA No Surrender in the UK on Challenge had some issues. The X Division title match started midway through the match up and then to make matters worse, the entire main event was not shown at all.

John Lewis sent this in: Watching last night’s “No Surrender” on Challenge TV in the UK and they did not show the Main Event, still don’t know the reason why!