The following was taped on Wednesday, September 21 in Knoxville, Tennessee:

Impact Wrestling for October 6:

-Beer Money comes to the ring and they talk about how they’re happy that Hulk Hogan is retiring tonight. They discuss their match against one another in tonight’s main event. Bobby Roode said he expected to have a good match tonight. Roode talked about how he isn’t happy that Kurt Angle made the stipulations, but mentions that beating AJ Styles and Kazarian helped him prepare for Angle. Roode asks Storm for his best and Storm says he’ll give it to him.

-Kazarian def. Gunner via DQ. Gunner initially won with a cross arm breaker, but wouldn’t release it. The referee reversed the decision and disqualified Gunner.

-Mr. Anderson comes out and calls out Bully Ray. Anderson challenged Ray to a match and Ray said he wasn’t getting anything. Anderson said it should be falls count anywhere at Bound For Glory, but Ray leaves the ring without saying anything.

-Winter & Madison Rayne def. Mickie James & Velvet Sky

-Eric Bischoff calls Jeff Hardy out to the ring. Bischoff says Hardy dropped the ball and was officially done. Hardy hits Bischoff with the Twist of Fate and escapes through the crowd before Immortal can get him.

-Crimson def. Samoa Joe

-Bobby Roode def. James Storm. Kurt Angle ran down and attacked Storm while Roode and the referee were down. Roode picked up the win from there. Beer Money hugs and leaves together.

-Hulk Hogan comes out and talks about this being the last day of his career. Hogan thanks the fans and holds up a red and yellow belt. Hogan cries as the fans chant for him. Sting comes out and says no one is buying the retirement. Sting shows a video of Hogan talking to Bischoff backstage. They made fun of people from Tennessee and talk about how the retirement angle is purely for merchandise sales. Hogan went nuts and the crowd was reportedly very hot for this. Hogan says if Sting wants a fight, then that’s what he’ll get. Sting accepts, and that’s the end of the first show.