Predictions from the Faculty
TNA Destination X Edition
March 21, 2010
Introduction and Predictions prepared by: Anthony J. Valvo of
Predictions by: WrestleView Columnists and Recappers

Introduction (By: Mr. V)

Greetings, students of WrestleView! It is I, Mr. V, doing the introduction this week as my co-host in crime David Stephens is enjoying a spring break (or as I call it?Early Easter Vacation) and asked if I could do one.

Well, since I did all the introductions until this year I had no problem doing one. So here we have a clean slate. We are early into our predictions game and are just at our third PPV out of the dozens that we, The Faculty, will provide over the course of the 2010-2011 season.

This edition is dedicated to TNA’s Destination X. There are nine matches currently announced and for the most part it should be a good pay-per-view. I can only hope, as I will be one of the few wrestling fans to purchase this show. Originally, it was ?only to feature X Division wrestlers?. However, TNA Wrestling brass came to their senses and said ?We won?t get a lot of buys with this?. They kept it as balanced as they could.

The Faculty this week got their ballots early. Four matches will not be for a championship. Five matches will be for a TNA Title. Who will find that ?X? on that treasure map? Who will ?walk the plank?? We will find out tonight with Destination X.

As for the win-loss records by The WrestleView Faculty, we all posted even 2-1 records. The only people to post an undefeated mark for the last PPV were the current Student of the Week and another student of WrestleView. Sadly for that student, the S.O.T.W. retained for having shared the best PPV Record.

Overall, the records stayed the same. The leaderboard is once again invaded by Daniel Browne. He currently has a very impressive 8-4 record and shares it with the Student of the Week (with currently is held by TJ Patton). With first place and last place (currently held by yours truly) separated by only five wins, it is still anyone’s competition. So, will someone take over Dean Browne’s position, or will he rule like the Royal Queen rules the United Kingdom. The Predictions begin?right now!

Before The Faculty announces their predictions, here are the current standings coming into this weekend’s PPV:

Predictions Standings (as of WWE’s Elimination Chamber)

1) Daniel Browne (For Queen and Country)??????????..8-4 (2-1)
2) Student of the Week (The Best Student from Prev. PPV)?8-4 (3-0)*
3) Jose Marrero (Wrestling Rumblings)?????????..???.?7-5 (2-1)
4) Mike Siciliano (Co-Host of Pro Wrestling Rewind)??????7-5 (2-1)
5) Josh Boutwell (Viva La Raza and TNA Recapper)…????.?6-6 (2-1)
6) WrestleView Students (The Loyal Readers)?????????..6-6 (2-1)
7) Sean Hurley (The Sharpshooter)??????????????…..6-6 (2-1)
8) David Stephens (That’s a Wrap and ECW Recapper)???.?5-7 (2-1)
9) Matt O?Brien (Notes From The Nosebleeds)??????????5-7 (2-1)
10) Doug Lackey (Reality From Ringside)?????????????.5-7 (2-1)
11) Joe Baiamonte (Baiamonte’s Casa)?????????………….4-8 (2-1)
12) Josh Piedra (The Shoot)?????????????????????.4-8 (2-1)
13) Mike Tedesco (Smackdown and NXT Recapper)??????…4-8 (2-1)
14) Anthony Valvo (From the Desk of Mr. V/ROH Recaps)???.3-9 (2-1)
15) Jeff Springer (WWE Superstar Recapper)???????????0-0 (NR)

For Destination X, TJ Patton is the Student of the Week since he went 3-0 for the predictions. If he ties among the students for best record, he will retain. If a student beats him, then we will have a new student of the week. The past S.O.T.W. was Evan O?Brien.

Jeff Springer is now our 14th member of The Faculty (remember, there is one spot for the students). Professor Springer is our new Superstars recap specialist and accepted the invitation to be on board.

As of Press Time, the only absentee for this weekend: Daniel Browne.

Without the current ?Dean? on board as of press time, there is a great chance that we may have a NEW Dean of WrestleView for our second season together.

So, without further adieu, here are The Faculty’s picks for Destination X.


Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? ANGLE over Anderson- sets up rubber match at lockdown.

Jose M. ? I am going to say ANGLE simply because he already lost the first match and everything has been backwards in this feud anyway. I expect the one thing to be correct is the order of who goes over.

Mike S. ? ANGLE.

Josh B. ? ANGLE. Anderson got the win last month, Angle gets his revenge but this thing is def. not over.


David S. ? TNA wants to play up the connection to the troops, which is very intelligent in the pro-wrestling market. KURT ANGLE deserves the win for the abuse he has taken the past couple of weeks.


Doug L. ? ANGLE via the ramifications of it being the other way around. I’m not Anti-USA by any means… I’m just Anti-USA when it comes to feeble and insipid attempts at patriotic angles. Hogan v. Slaughter? Sure… Duggan v. Volkoff? Absolutely… Angle v. Anderson? Highly unlikely?


Josh P. ? KURT ANGLE. I mean, after everything that has happened, he has to win this otherwise the entire build up would be for nothing.


Anthony V. ? Look, I think by now if someone from Pittsburgh is on the card by default I go with that guy. Sorry Anderson, you are not from Pittsburgh. I am going to pick ANGLE to win this match and get a bit of revenge for Anderson’s actions last Monday.


Consensus: KURT ANGLE 11-2. With all that is going on with Mr. Anderson’s disrespect to the American Solider, the majority of us have confidence that ?The Olympic Gold Medalist? will fight the good fight and defeat ?The Wisconsin Loudmouth? in this grudge match.

**Win or Go Home Match for ?The Band?**
Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac vs. Kevin Nash and Eric Young

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? HALL/PAC over Nash/Young- something fishy here to get these guys in with Nash probably back-stabbing Young.

Jose M. ? HALL and SYXX PAC win because it was all a “NWO Type” master plan to ensure they got contracts and Nash was in on it and they screw Eric.

Mike S. ? HALL & SYXX-PAC.

Josh B. ? PAC & HALL. I have a feeling that Nash will either turn on Young or he and Young will lay down for Pac & Hall.

Sean H. ? THE BAND via swerve from Kevin Nash.

David S. ? THE BAND wins!! No way will I enjoy iMPACT as much as I do know if those two leave.


Doug L. ? HALL and SYXX-PAC via the horrible and inevitable. While I’m sure all of us are imagining the swerve on the other side of the ring, everyone should be in agreement that the town drunk and neighborhood meth-cooker will have a contract and start making the money they’ve always dreamed of…

Joe B. ? THE BAND.

Josh P. ? SCOTT HALL AND SYXX-PAC. We can smell the “swerve” ten miles away. This just screams for an elaborate set up for Nash to screw Young and help his buddies get a contract with TNA.


Anthony V. ? THE BAND of Hall and Waltman win this one because SOMEONE will interfere. Will it be Nash or Young? Or Crosby or Stills? (Gold Star to whoever got that old-school rock joke). Still by the end of the day, Hogan’s heroes will win this match and get those phat contracts they covet.


Consensus: HALL AND SYXX-PAC 13-0. There is only a few times in which we all agree. This match is one we all can agree on. Most of us can smell a swerve coming a mile away. Whoever does the ‘swerving? will help Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac earn a spot on TNA with some big money heading their way.

**Ladder Match to determine the #1 Contender of the X Division Championship**
Kazarian vs. Daniels vs. Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? KAZARIAN. Got to be a reason they brought him back w/out the Suicide gimmick. Everyone else has been buried lately anyways.

Jose M. ? I’m going to say RED just because I couldn?t pick a name so I picked a color.


Josh B. ? KAZARIAN. He and Red are the most over here. Kaz was initially getting the shot at the title this month, he’ll likely get the next one.


David S. ? Not my personal pick, but I think politics will determine this one. KAZARIAN


Doug L. ? KENDRICK via the only semi-logical match-flow I can think of… next month is Lockdown, one TNA’s self-proclaimed big shows. If they’re going to have an X-Title match, I would hope that it would be against two fruit flies who you can label as good and bad…


Josh P. ? KAZARIAN. They just brought Kazarian back and he was the first one to claim that he’s going to bring back the X Division. I foresee Kazarian winning this, going on to win the X Title then starting a feud with Daniels.


Anthony V. ? Like I said in the Pilot episode of ?The Teacher’s Lounge? I would book Daniels to win this one. I think he did the most for TNA for the last few years (remember Curry Man?). However, I don?t book TNA so I am going to go with the man I think they want to carry the X Division and that is?KAZARIAN!

Jeff S. ? DANIELS.

Consensus: KAZARIAN is the predicted winner. KAZARIAN 8; Brian Kendrick 2; Amazing Red 2; Daniels 1. Kazarian put on a great showing against Doug Williams a couple weeks ago and declared that he wanted to go to war as the leader of the X Division. I don?t know if it is because of the speech or it seems logical, but the majority sided with the man they once called ?Suicide?.

**Ultimate X Match to determine the #1 Contenders of the TNA World Tag Team Championships**
Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. Generation Me (Max Buck and Jeremy Buck)

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? GENERATION ME over Motor City Machine Guns- because they are the faces and will make for a better build against Beer Money.

Jose M. ? GENERATION ME. Let’s give the new guys a chance and see what they can do.


Josh B. ? MACHINE GUNS. The Guns finally get a shot at the belts.


David S. ? I’m a fan of both of these tag teams, and have had the privilege of either talking to, or watching perform live, all four of these guys. MCMG ftw, but I’m honestly happier either way. This is a must see match!

Matt O. ? MCMG.

Doug L. ? MCMG via another bout of painful inevitability. I’m imagining the palm-pointers going to Lockdown and facing anyone really for the titles… I’m just confused though. Are they face or heel now? Is Gen. Me face or heel? And whoever wins, will they still be that moniker at the title match? (Headache)

Joe B. ? MCMG.

Josh P. ? MCMG. Young Bucks won their first encounter, MCMG will win this second one and we will have the rubber match possibly on impact or on the next PPV. MCMG may even go and win the tag titles and the rubber match will be for the gold.


Anthony V. ? UPSET ALERT!!! I am taking GENERATION ME in this match. Honestly, I think from an execution standpoint this could steal the show. The Guns have been sadly buried for over a year right now and I see that streak continue. Since I am leaning to Beer Money to win, we need to have babyface vs. heel tag title match at Lockdown.


Consensus: MOTOR CITY MACHINEGUNS 9-4. Both teams showed great chemistry back a few months ago and in multi-team tag team matches as well. The Faculty could go either way on this, but the majority sided with The Guns. If TNA booked this based on our predictions, The Guns will once again get another opportunity at the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Could they win them this time?


Tara (c) vs. Daffney

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? DAFFNEY over Tara- March Madness Upset. I feel they’re setting up Tara to team w/ Love against BP, so I’m saying BP costs her the title in retaliation for her interfering in their beatdown on Angelina.

Jose M. ? DAFFNEY. I’m bored with Tara but not with Daffney. I’d like to see what she could do as a champion.

Mike S. ? DAFFNEY. I think they made this first blood, Tony.

Josh B. ? TARA. This should be a pretty good, violent matchup but I don’t see Daffney taking the belt.

Sean H. ? TARA.

David S. ? TARA. Let’s move on.

Matt O. ? DAFFNEY.

Doug L. ? DAFFNEY via Sheryl Crow logic: “A change will do you good…” It’s about time TNA had someone new actually hold on to the Knockout’s Title and keep it for a very long time. Hot potato matches between Tara and ODB are done… Kong has FINALLY been let out of her cage… and take your pick at who would be the next contender. Daffney would make a great change of pace for the picture… and the promos would be zombie-rific!!

Joe B. ? TARA retains.

Josh P. ? TARA. They’ve been passing that belt around like a collection plate at church as of late. I think Tara will stop that and hold the belt for a while.

Mike T. ? TARA.

Anthony V. ? I would love Daffney to win this title. She is talented, she is hardcore, and she looks great in small hats. However, I can?t find myself picking her to win a title. With that, I am going to pick TARA by either a clean victory or Daffney gets DQ?d for using the Toolbox of Doom.

Jeff S. ? DAFFNEY, New Knockout’s Champion.

Consensus: TARA 7-6. It is the only women’s match on the card, and it was one of the most difficult to predict. Some chose logic, some chose luck, and others just flipped a coin. But in the end, The Faculty gave a slight edge to the current Knockout’s Championship. However, do not be surprised if Ms. Zombie-Hot becomes the next champion.

Rob Terry (c) vs. Brutus Magnus

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? TERRY over Magnus- For some reason, they are giving this guy a little push. Don’t think it ends here.

Jose M. ? BRUTUS MAGNUS, I’d like a champion who I can see defend the title every week.

Mike S. ? TERRY.

Josh B. ? TERRY. This will be a stinker and prolly pretty short.

Sean H. ? ROB TERRY.

David S. ? I’m always getting something to eat, going to the bathroom, or daydreaming when these guys are on. ROB TERRY, I guess…

Matt O. ? TERRY.

Doug L. ? BIG ROB via… um… I guess. To be honest, I had no idea this was going on. Apparently since Young doesn’t have the strap, Terry can choose to defend when and where against whoever. If they had mentioned this on TV, I sure as hell didn’t hear it.

Joe B. ? TERRY retains.

Josh P. ? ROB TERRY. Honestly.. this is like a WWE’s women’s match for me… I don’t care about either of them and I flipped a coin. The coin says the champ retains.

Mike T. ? ROB TERRY.

Anthony V. ? This will be when I play the ?I got to go to the bathroom? card. This match is a toss-up and since this is on the card I have to make a pick. In a three minute match, I am going to go with ROB TERRY. Seriously, why is the worst wrestler in the promotion a champion? And YES, I am counting Brian Knobs.

Jeff S. ? ROB TERRY.

Consensus: ROB TERRY 12-1. If anyone steals or buys the card just for this match just go straight to Eternal Detention. After reading The Faculty’s takes, it seems as if no one really cares about the contest. However, we all had to pick a winner and all but one of us chose the worst wrestler in TNA to retain a title he does not deserve. That man is Big Rob Terry.

Doug Williams (c) vs. Shannon Moore

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? MOORE over Williams via being Jeff Hardy’s BFF. Just think they want to make a splash w/ Moore and they have other things they can do w/ Williams.

Jose M. ? DOUG WILLIAMS, I am tired of the new guy shows up and beats the homegrown guy his first night in. Hopefully so are Bischoff and Hogan. I doubt it though.


Josh B. ? MOORE. Moore will read from his Book of DILLIGAF and get more power (LMAO).


David S. ? Its crap that Shannon Moore is claiming to be glam. How about you actually change your outfits/makeup from your punk rock run before claiming to be glam? The stuff is so much nicer for glam so I like the switch, but actually make it! DOUG WILLIAMS.


Doug L. ? MOORE via “Don’t RVD this” mentality. Is TNA going to have another talent debut in a major match, grab a win, only to get pummeled and demolished into a rubble of storyline obscurity? I hope not… Give Moore the strap in order to have him and Kendrick wow the South Korean and German gymnastics judges at Lockdown.


Josh P. ? DOUG WILLIAMS. Shannon Moore may be the hot commodity since he signed, but I still think Doug Williams will retain the championship and go on to have a fantastic match with Kazarian. I’m a huge fan of Doug Williams and “The Anarchist” is very deserving of this belt right now.


Anthony V. ? This one could be a really good contest, as I think DOUG WILLIAMS is the perfect X Division Champ for the Hogan-era TNA. Though Moore made his ?Impact? a couple weeks ago, I am sticking with the champ to retain.

Jeff S. ? SHANNON MOORE, New X Division Champion.

Consensus: DOUG WILLIAMS 7-6. In another very close vote, The Faculty predicts that at least one member of The British Invasion will have a title by night’s end. Though Moore may know the right people, we think that Williams will come out on top as the best in the X Division.

Matt Morgan and Hernandez (c’s) vs. Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm)

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? BEER MONEY over Hernandez/Morgan- obvious split here. Beer Money should be the team holding the belts anyways.

Jose M. ? BEER MONEY INC. The Morgan vs. Hernandez feud takes another step in it’s evolution.


Josh B. ? BEER MONEY. Hernandez & Morgan’s partnership will break down and Beer Money will finally be back on top of the tag division.


David S. ? MORGANDEZ will retain. Herorgan?


Doug L. ? BEER MONEY via another case of horrible inevitability. Morgan and Hernandez argue because they can’t understand each other (the bromance is dead~!) and the guys who claim they were brushed aside even though they’re in a title match they earned 3 weeks ago get to defend against the palm-pointers in a prototypical TNA tag match complete with easy-to-read instructions.


Josh P. ? BEER MONEY. This one is an easy read. Morgan ditched Super Mex… Beer Money just turned heel and are getting another push… if Beer Money doesn’t win this, I will personally drive to Orlando and do something to Dixie Cater that would even make Sting look like an angel.


Anthony V. ? First off, they may swerve us all. Matt Morgan leaves Hernandez for dead and Jeff Jarrett comes to the aid of Hernandez and they (Hernandez and Jarrett) retain. However, I am still picking BEER MONEY, INC. to win this match and have a Beer Money vs. Generation Me Lockdown match. However if my Jarrett/Super Mex pick is right (won?t count if it does), expect Bischoff to vacate the titles and have another 8 tag team tournament to determine the winner at Lockdown.


Consensus: BEER MONEY 11-2. Many of us see a heel turn from ?The Blueprint?. Because of that prediction, most of us are going with new World Tag Team Champions for TNA Wrestling. Those winners? One of the most decorated Tag Teams in TNA history. BEER???MONEY!!!

AJ Styles (c) vs. Abyss

Daniel B. ? N/A.

TJ P. ? STYLES over Abyss- Goofy as the gimmick is, TNA did a great job building Abyss over the past month. But I still don’t see him being the champ at this point, especially since the Pope has the title shot and a match w/ AJ sets up way better for Lockdown.

Jose M. ? AJ STYLES because I’d rather see him than the bleeding muppet Abyss as champion right now.

Mike S. ? AJ STYLES.

Josh B. ? STYLES. If these two can manage to put together anything similar to the matches they’ve put on in the past this should be a classic big man-little man matchup.

Sean H. ? AJ STYLES.

David S. ? Abyss is not in AJ’s league, and should not be in this match. STYLES.

Matt O. ? STYLES.

Doug L. ? STYLES via the argument from the other side. Will Flair find The Pope’s physical therapist (the one that rehabbed Pope’s gruesome Achille’s injury) in time to get his back miraculously realigned? Is this the only match Hogan runs in on? Sting? Hardy? RVD? Hell let’s through Wolfe and Pope in for a schmoz, too! BTW – Would you really wanna see Abyss/Pope for the title at Lockdown? Who would be good/bad?! Why do I have a feeling I’m wrong on this choice… in fact on all of my choices… this is the 0-fer!!

Joe B. ? AJ STYLES retains.

Josh P. ? AJ STYLES. It’s not Abyss’ turn for the belt… not now.. not ever. Abyss and his Captain Planet ring will just have to get back in line after AJ and Flair win another match and continue the heel push.

Mike T. ? AJ STYLES.

Anthony V. ? This one to me is a no-brainer. AJ STYLES retains here. There is no way that Abyss wins, despite the ring that Hogan got out of a Cracker Jack box, BRRRROTHER!!

Jeff S. ? AJ STYLES.

Consensus: AJ STYLES 13-0. Some say Abyss is back as a monster. Some say Abyss is more powerful thanks to Hogan’s ring. However, all members of The Faculty agree that Abyss is NOT going to win the TNA World Title by night’s end. With that said, it is safe to pick ?The Phenomenal Nature Boy? AJ Styles in this contest.


Well, that does it for another round of Predictions from the Faculty for the 2010-2011 season.

And remember students, this is YOUR column too! Please present to me your choices for the winners of any PPV by e-mail at or by sending me an inbox message on Facebook. Winner of each PPV receives a coveted (and NEVER duplicated) Gold Star in my latest column and is named the ?Student of the Week? for the next Predictions article.

Well, that does it for us, class. On behalf of my peers on WrestleView I bid you farewell. We will be taking a six day break and will be back for our predictions for the reason why we do these picks?WRESTLEMANIA!!!! (Mr. V moment: should we call this the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, I mean this ?is? the 25th Anniversary, oh well)

As always, thank you for reading our predictions. Now go enjoy beautiful day class! I will enjoy the day, and then actually pay to see a TNA Pay-Per-View. Hopefully, it should be entertaining. You are all???DISMISSED!!

Thank you for reading and to those that do, participate. We appreciate your feedback.