Brian Fritz of and the Between the Ropes radio show has an interview up with TNA star Christopher Daniels where he discusses the resurgence of the X Division in TNA.

“I can tell you, having had discussions with Eric Bischoff behind the scenes, I think he realizes that the X Division has been an important part of TNA and can be again an important part of TNA, and I think he realizes that instead of focusing on one division or the other, we’re gonna put the spotlight on every division we have — the tag division, the X Division, and the heavyweights. For a two-hour show, we’ve got enough time now to give each one of those divisions, and the guys that are the integral parts of those divisions, the opportunity to shine.

There was a perfect statement from him last Monday night, the fact that TNA, the heart of TNA isn’t necessarily X Division, but the adrenaline of TNA is the X Division. So I feel like we’re going to become more spotlighted, maybe more than we have in the last year or so, and that’s to our benefit and benefit to guys like Kazarian and Brian Kendrick, the Guns, and Generation Me. I feel like we’re gonna get more of a chance than we have in the last month or two.”

To check out the full interview, click here.