The Sun in the UK is featuring highlights of WrestleCast’s recent interview with Hulk Hogan where he discusses a variety of topics including his match with Shawn Michaels at Summerslam in 2005 and his thoughts on the way Bret Hart handled the Survivor Series incident in 1997.

On the incident following facing Shawn Michaels at Summerslam 2005:
“When Vince wanted Shawn to do the job, we went out and had the match, and everybody said ‘Shawn oversold and he was making fun of you’ and this, that and the other. I can look at it and see why people may say that. If Shawn was really doing that, you’d have to ask him. He’s done it several times, not just with me. The reason the feud then didn’t go any longer was because I shut it down. The next day, on the interview, I was expecting to return the favour. You beat me now I beat you and get the third one and keep it going, because he was such a great worker I thought we were going to have a great run. It could be my fault, maybe I had my feelings too much involved, but I thought his interview was going to be, ‘You know what, I gotta give it to Hogan. He was better than me on that one night. But it will never happen again. I’m faster than him, but just at that moment the crowd were with him and he had the momentum, but it will never happen again’. I thought that was going to be the interview. I thought it was going to be a business interview but he came out and (sarcastically) went ‘ooh, he was too fast, he was too young, he had too much hair’ and I went ‘ugh, I’m out’. I said to Vince ‘Your boy… it’s business’.”

His thoughts on Bret Hart and the 1997 Survivor Series incident:
“I still don’t understand what happened with Shawn and Bret. It was a shoot. Everything’s a shoot with Bret. He’s in a business which is a work. But when it comes to him having the belt it’s a shoot. How come you can’t do a job in Canada? So I can’t do a job in Florida? Vince asks Bret to drop the belt but he won’t do it? It’s Vince’s business. I don’t understand him not putting Shawn over. It’s fake wrestling! It’s acting! If it was a competitive sport, Andre the Giant would probably never have been beat and Kurt Angle would probably be the champion now. It sure wouldn’t be Bret Hart or Hulk Hogan.”