Brian Fritz sent this in.
While Christopher Daniels has been in the wrestling business for nearly two decades, he’s not slowing down. And why should he. He says he’s still having fun and is still evolving in wrestling, taking yet another step forward in his career.

Brian Fritz of spoke with the ‘Fallen Angel’ about this Sunday’s TNA ‘Against All Odds’ PPV, how he is still having fun and continues to impress others in the business, being tied with AJ Styles for a good part of his career, dressing for success, staying in shape and his love for comics.

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Here are a few quotes from the interview:

On if he is getting more questions lately on how much longer he plans on wrestling for:
Yeah, I think once you get past 10, 15 years those questions are … people want to know how long you can keep going. And I’ve been getting those questions for the last five years. The answer is easy. I’ve always said as long as I can stay healthy and I’m still having fun I’m going to keep doing it. Right now, I feel like I’m probably in the best shape of my life. I don’t see an end. The day I retire is one of those days I know is going to come but I don’t see it right now, especially right now enjoying the success that I’m enjoying in TNA and Impact Wrestling. I feel like I’ve opened the eyes of a lot of people in upper management as far as how I’ve sort of changed over the last year. When you start to have that success, it sort of lights that fire in your belly. That’s what has been going on for me in the last couple of months. I feel like I’ve turned a corner and I’ve opened some eyes and some people appreciate what I bring to the table now.

On what he has done differently over the past year:
I don’t know … sort of let go. I think one of the main negatives or at least complaints that I’ve heard people say is that I take myself too seriously. One of the things I feel like at this point is I’ve sort of let myself go in the sense that I’m open to anything. I’ve always been real structured. Coming up, I always had an idea on how I should be portrayed or the way I want to portray myself and I feel in the last few months, even in the last two years, I feel like I’ve sort of let that go and put my trust in the people that are steering the ship.