Card for tonight’s TNA Against All Odds PPV in Orlando

Here is the scheduled card for tonight’s TNA Against All Odds PPV from Orlando, Florida.

TNA Championship
* Bobby Roode (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm vs. Bully Ray.

* Gunner w/ Eric Bischoff vs. Garett Bischoff w/ Hulk Hogan.

* AJ Styles vs. Kazarian.

TNA X Division Championship
* Austin Aries (c) vs. Alex Shelley.

TNA Tag Team Championships
* Matt Morgan and Crimson (c’s) vs. Magnus and Samoa Joe.

#1 Contendership for the TNA X Division Championship
* Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen.

TNA Knockouts Championship
* Gail Kim (c) vs. Tara. will provide live coverage at 8:00 p.m. ET (7:00 CT).

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