The following was taped on Tuesday, February 14 in Orlando, Florida:

A partial set of this February 23 taping was taped yesterday. It involved Brandon Jacobs of the New York Giants. You can view those spoilers here.

Impact Wrestling for February 23:

* Bobby Roode came out for a promo to talk about how great it is to be the champion. Roode says the the crowd will say their goodbyes to Sting. Roode says ending Sting’s career is the highlight of his life.

* Samoa Joe and Magnus def. Matt Morgan and Crimson to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles. Crimson walked out on Morgan after the match was over.

* Zema Ion def. Alex Shelley after spraying hairspray in Shelley’s eyes. Austin Aries came out during the match with popcorn to watch.

* Gail Kim def. ODB in a non-title match. Kim wouldn’t celebrate with Madison Rayne after the match.

* AJ Styles def. Robbie E. in a non-title match via DQ. Kazarian pulled Styles off the apron, causing the disqualification.

* Sting came out, and he said that he is done. Bobby Roode came out, and he said he wants to stand by Sting as he makes his announcement. Sting puts his face paint on, and he said that Roode woke him up. At Victory Road, he’s going to beat Roode up. Sting blocks Roode’s kick, and he kicks Roode in the groin.


* Mickie James and Velvet Sky def. Rosita and Sarita.

* Robbie E. def. Eric Young.