Eric Bischoff via Twitter on reports over the weekend regarding Vince Russo’s departure from TNA and rumors of David Lagana’s new stronger role in the company:

“As much as I try not to call out specific dirt-site marks/bloggers as not to inadvertently promote them, Mike Johnson is a complete tool (obviously being fed false, mis-leading info from another tool “close to the source”. Johnson couldn’t be more wrong when he posts his “insight” as to the behind the scenes.”

Dixie Carter confirmed the departure of Russo on Tuesday. Conflicting reports continue regarding David Lagana’s position within TNA. Bischoff “officially” welcomed Lagana to the team via Twitter yesterday. Lagana had only previously been part of the new “Ring Ka King” project in India and appears to be taking on a stronger role now with TNA. Attempts to contact Lagana regarding the situation were not returned.