The Daily Progress is featuring an interview with TNA wrestler Christopher Daniels talking about Impact Wrestling events live on the road.

“Impact Wrestling has tried to be a very fan-friendly event. We set it up so that during the course of the night the fans get the opportunity to meet at least one or two of the wrestlers. There will be autograph signings at the beginning, during the intermission and at the end of the night. And there will be one or two of the superstars in the ring so fans can get photographs taken with them.

After a certain amount of time you realize you’re only as popular as the people who are willing to follow you, and pay that dollar to come see what you do, live. I’m very appreciative of that. In the world of social media, you can get feedback instantaneously. So I’m very aware of the fans who are following my career, and I know, if not for them, I’d just be some anonymous slob.”