2/25 TNA Results: Hagerstown, Maryland

Michael sent this report in.

Here are the results and details from the 2/25 house show from Hagerstown MD for TNA.

First, it was a sold out house 1300 people at least.

First match was Alex Shelley vs Austin Aries. Alex Shelley was very over as was Austin Aries Very good opening match with Aries winning via submission.

Second JB introduced Earl Hebner who did the same thing as he did last year sporting his Your damn right I did shirt. The second match was Angelina Love and Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky and Mickie James. Sky and James when with a Mick kick to Angelina loves head. Earl kissed Angelina the tried to kiss Gail but Gail ran away. Mickie James was very over.

Third match was for the Tag Titles Joe and Magnus vs Matt Morgan and Crimison. Finish sees Crimson spear Matt Morgan and Matt Morgan takes the snapmare elbow drop combination. Post Match Crimson apologizes to Matt Morgan and walks out. The crowd was 50/50 on this match half wanted Joe and Magnus the others Morgan and Crimson. Samoa Joe was way over with the crowd again.

Fourth came AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels with Kazarian. Great promo by Daniels, but he botched the name of the town calling it Hagersville. Great back and forth match the crowd went nuts when AJ hit the Pele kick. Finsh saw AJ attempt a suplex from the outside in and Kazarian hold AJ down for Christopher Daniels to win the match. Post match AJ styles hit the styles clash on Kazarian giving the crowd an awesome pop.

During intermission Earl Hebner was signing his t-shirts for $10.

Fifth Match ODB and Eric young fought Robbie E and T very comical match as Eric Young locked up with Earl Hebner Robbie E cut a promo that the crowd wanted to see a dance off Crowd was hot for the dance off Eric and ODB were comical. Finish saw ODB low blow Robbie T and Robbie E and Eric young hit the flying elbow drop.

The Main event Bobby Roode vs Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy was super over with the crowd. Bobby Roode was very over heel wise and had to have security step in between him and fan three times. Bully Ray came in which caused a DQ and double team until you heard “Sorry about your damn luck” James Storm. This lead to James Storm and Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. Match was standard and finished after Bobby Roode was hit with the Last Call super kick and the twist of fate.

Post show fans got their picture taken with James Storm and Jeff Hardy in the ring.

Overall this show was good, but like last year seemed a bit rushed only lasting just over 2hrs. They say they will be back to Hagerstown again.

Most Over
1. Jeff Hardy
2. AJ Styles Pele Kick and Styles Clash
3. Samoa Joe Most

1. Bobby Roode
2. Bully Ray
3. Christopher Daniels.