Following a recent conversation with TNA President Dixie Cater after she and Eric Bischoff met with Spike TV officials in New York on 4/11, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the following this week.

* In regards to taping Impact Wrestling on the road, Dixie Carter said she was in favor of it, but it costs nearly $500,000 in total for the company to tape on the road. She added they can’t put the company through that kind of “financial drain” – especially if it doesn’t work out.

* Carter noted some changes would be coming to the television product and how it is presented (this includes Hulk Hogan’s announcement on the show set to air tonight on Spike TV). A focus on younger talent is a set plan in place going forward according to Carter.

* Carter said that a second television show is a need as two hours per week isn’t enough.

* She stays in touch with Bellator’s Bjorn Rebney and talking about ideas to help each other.

* More TNA Gut Checks are scheduled on the road this year in discovering new, young talent.

* Carter said that 12 PPV shows a year is too many and expects that number to be lowered.

* More international touring is expected in 2013 including new markets like Mexico and Australia.

* The target is to hold 100-110 live events per year with 10-15 being held overseas.

* She expects Sting will remain with TNA through 2013.