Report courtesy of John McCarty and The Wrestling Observer.

TNA Impact Wrestling tapings for May 3:

-The show opened with an in-ring promo exchange between Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. The two go back and forth over a variety of topics. A match between the two in the future is alluded to.

-Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky defeated Gail Kim and Madison Rayne.

-We get an in-ring promo involving RVD and Bobby Roode. RVD talks about never losing the World Title in the first place. Roode says he plans on adding RVD to the list of guys he beats. Bobby Roode chose Jeff Hardy as RVD’s opponent tonight while RVD chose Mr. Anderson as Roode’s opponent.

-Devon defeated Robbie T to retain the TV Title when Robbie E interfered causing a DQ.

-There is a segment in the ring to determine if Alex Silva will get a TNA Contract. The Judges are Al Snow, Bruce Pritchard and Ric Flair. There is a big “talent show” feel to the segment. Initially Bruce Pritchard and Flair were going to say no but after some convincing from Al Snow and a promo from Silva, they changed their minds. Silva then earned a TNA Contract.

-Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy despite interference from Bobby Roode.

-Bully Ray brought Jeremy Borash out to the ring a bullied him in the center of the ring. Austin Aries comes out and has words with Ray. Eventually Ray spits in Aries’ face which leads into a big brawl. Security comes out and separated the two but Bully Ray was able to get in a cheap shot. They later retaped the segment.

-AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Angle had the Ankle Lock on AJ Styles but Kazarian blind-tagged himself into the match. AJ was able to hit the Styles Clash on Kazarian for the win.

After the match, Kurt Angle was pissed off at Daniels and Kazarian but eventually left the ring. Daniels announced that next week, unless AJ Styles reveals the secret himself, they will reveal it for him.

-In a No DQ Match, Bobby Roode defeated Mr. Anderson. Jeff Hardy interfered during the match but Bobby was able to fight him off. After the match, Roode attacked both Anderson and Hardy with chairs until Rob Van Dam made the save. Roode ended up laying out RVD with the chair as well.