Christopher Daniels on AJ Styles, teaming with Kazarian

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The show featured an interview with the “Fallen Angel” and the “New Face of Impact Wrestling” Christopher Daniels just days before his big match featuring himself and Kazarian vs. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle at Slammiversary X on June 10th in Arlington, TX. In a nearly 20 minute interview, Daniels talked about the secret between AJ Styles and TNA President Dixie Carter, his battles with rival Styles, his connection with partner Frankie Kazarian, what he feels about his renowned three-way match with Styles and Samoa Joe at Unbreakable 2005, and much more!

On his feud with AJ Styles: “There’s nothing more heartwarming for me than going out and beating an athlete the caliber of AJ Styles. Every day, when I wake up and I tell the world that I’m the best wrestler in the world, all I have to do to prove it go out and beat AJ Styles. I mean, he’s a Grand Slam champion, a former World Champion; he’s held so many titles in this company, so that every time I pin him, all it does is solidify my standing as the best in the world.”

On his evolution as a wrestler and performer: “It’s growth. And I, as a performer, have grown, from 2002 to now. I have become better, I have become smarter. I’ve added more to my repertoire and that’s what makes me the well-rounded professional wrestler that I am today.”

On his epic match with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe: “The feud between the three of us; it’s what put this company (TNA) on the map. Six years later, they still talk about that match, the one from Unbreakable (2005), as THE best match in the company’s history. And why wouldn’t they? It IS the best match in the company’s history; it is the Temple, it is the gold standard of TNA Wrestling and will it ever be defeated? Probably not, let’s be honest”

His pairing with Kazarian: “It’s been great; we’ve been friends for more than a decade. We’ve never had an opportunity to be a solid tag team; we’ve tagged in the past but never anything long term and now three months after we become a tag team, we become the World Tag Team Champions; the number one tag team in professional wrestling today. It’s been awesome. He’s the best partner I’ve ever had”

Some of his favorite TNA moments: “Being in the matches everyone talks about after the fact: The cage match with AMW against Triple X, the three way with Joe and AJ, the match with Sting at Slammiversary. I mean all of the matches people remember are the ones with Christopher Daniels. I am the straw that stirs the drink of Impact Wrestling; that why I am the new face of Impact Wrestling….Thank you to the fans for continuing to be more like me and less like yourselves.”

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