Results courtesy of The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online:

Matches taped last night for 11/26 and 12/3

Tournament for a title shot in your division

Bobby Lashley b Abyss due to distraction from Kristal Lashley, who seemed to play heel

Desmond Wolfe b Suicide with the Tower of London

Kurt Angle b Pope D’Angelo Dinero – both worked as faces – clean win with Angle slam

Robert Roode b Homicide with a spinebuster

Tara won a Battle Royal for a shot at ODB’s title at Final Resolution

Daniels b Abyss after a low blow when Abyss was distracted by a video of the Beautiful People attacking Lauren

Lashley b Wolfe via DQ when Wolfe didn’t break on the ropes
Roode b Angle via count out when Angle was brawling outside the ring with Wolfe

Dinero b Jesse Neal, but Neal used the gore after the match. Suicide then saved Dinero. Team 3-D & Rhino hit the ring, but then Matt Morgan & Hernandez hit the ring

Hamada b Sarita

Lashley b Roode with a spear so he will get a title shot at a date to be named later

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