The following was taped on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact Wrestling for Thanksgiving night (November 22):

* Wes Brisco def. Garett Bischoff in a Gut Check match.

* Joey Ryan did an interview saying he and Matt Morgan will be the next TNA Tag Team Champions.

* Chavo Guerrero def. Joey Ryan via DQ. Matt Morgan interfered giving Chavo a chokeslam.

* Sam Shaw def. Alex Silva.

* ODB and Eric Young met with Hulk Hogan. Eric Young wants to bring back the Thanksgiving turkey suit challenge. Hogan agrees and tells them to watch out for Aces and Eights.

* TNA Champion Jeff Hardy def. Christian York. After the match, Bobby Roode jumps both spearing Hardy and giving York a spinebuster.

* Eric Young vs. Robbie E vs. Jesse is setup where the loser must wear a turkey suit.

* Tara def. Taelor Hendrix.

* Eric Young def. Jessie and Robbie E. Jessie took the pinfall so he had to wear the turkey suit. Aces and Eights then came out and handcuffed ODB to the corner. They then attacked Young with a baseball bat and hammer.

* Christopher Daniels announces he will be facing AJ Styles at Final Resolution on 12/9 for one last time.

* AJ Styles def. Kazarian.

* Austin Aries calls out Hogan for stacking the deck against him in TNA. He though instead calls out Brooke Hogan. Aries said he is sick of the Hogan name and accuses Brooke of being involved with Bully Ray. Hulk Hogan comes out to confront Aries when Bully Ray runs past him. Hogan gives Ray a dirty look.

Source: The Wrestling Observer