Dixie Carter posted on her Twitter that Kurt Angle has been taking horseback riding lessons in preparation for a new movie role. “Stay tuned for more details,” she Tweeted. Well, you don’t have to stay tuned because we have out-scooped Dixie on her own story and can exclusively
reveal the film is called Deadman’s Gold from Lionsgate Home Video. Kurt will play a villain called Boone. The film also stars Luke Perry, who will be directing, replacing Lou Diamond Phillips, as Phillips had a scheduling conflict on his Stargate show, plus Luke Goss (80s UK pop star) and America Olivio (Friday The 13th). Kurt got the role because he put himself on tape in Pittsburgh and sent it into the casting office.

Two other interesting notes on the film is that Paul Heyman was almost a producer on the project, and Brock Lesnar was approached as one of the villains. Both turned down the project, but the casting director is said to keep in close contact with Heyman. The film, originally scheduled to
be shot in Vancouver, is now scheduled to be shot in California in December.

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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