The big discussion the last few days was the rating for last week’s TNA Impact on October 29. The show, which did a 1.3 cable rating with 1.7 million viewers, had some good news and bad news.

The good news was that ratings were up 20% and the show did well going head-to-head with the World Series. The bad news was the quarter hour rating for the final segment of the show featuring the Hulk Hogan press conference that did a 1.18 rating, the lowest quarter hour rating of the entire two hour show.

The highest rated segment on the show turned out to be the match between Eric Young and Bobby Lashley. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that this rating was even brought up at WWE’s TV tapings this week in what has to be one of those rare moments where they actually talking about TNA ratings. Were told Michael Hayes brought up how the lowest quarter hour of last week’s Impact was the one where Hulk Hogan appeared (in a move where many felt Hayes did it to make Vince happy). Vince McMahon’s response: “Ouch.”

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