The following took place on Tuesday in Orlando, FL.

TNA Impact Tapings for November 12:

(Report courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s The Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

The 11/3 tapings for 11/12 opened with Abyss vs. Stevie in the match where Stevie had to leave town if he lost. Abyss delivered the black hole slam, but then the lights went out. When they came on, Stevie was pinning Abyss. Stevie put the chair around Abyss? throat and was about to decapitate him when Foley made the save. The lights went out again but you could see a fireball. When they came on, Foley was on the ground and Raven was there with Stevie and Daffney.

Jim Neidhart pinned Lethal with a power slam. Apparently the idea is to bring in more 80s and 90s WWF guys for Lethal to lose to. This isn?t a Hogan deal as Hogan and Bischoff have left the booking to Russo for now.

Angle came out and talked about how Styles and Morgan have become stars but that Wolfe has done nothing and earned nothing. That makes sense, given that Angle beat Morgan and all but beat Styles, while Wolfe laid out Angle twice and beat him once. Wolfe came out and guess what, he laid Angle out again with a DDT on the floor. So we had a fireball, a DDT on the floor and the return of a relic (not Rellik, although that wouldn?t surprise me either) and we?re not even 45 minutes into the show.

Super Dave Osbourne, who is there not because TNA had Ozzy, but because he’s hosting a new show on Spike that debuts before the Couture fight, came out.

Sabin & Shelley & Red beat Homicide & Bashir & Kiyoshi. Homicide tried to use a barbed wire baseball bat. Isn?t that some other two guys? gimmicks? Security stopped him and dragged him to the back, making it 3-on-2, and Bashir got pinned.

Team 3-D & Rhino did an interview all as heels. Morgan & Hernandez came out and Bubba started insulting both of them. They set up a 3-on-2 match and 3-D said TNA is in trouble if Morgan & Hernandez are their future. For those of you keeping score, I guess that means the storyline of 3-D getting revenge on Rhino for costing them the tag titles at the least PPV is over. And also, the angle of 3-D training Jesse Neal to get revenge on Rhino also appears to be over. Pope D?Angelo Dinero did a run- in. He’s now a babyface and asked to be in this angle, apparently replacing one of the guys on double secret probation.

Beer Money beat British Invasion in a non- title match to make sure nobody believed in any TNA stipulation match, because the stip here is that if they won, they?d get a title shot at Turning Point. This turned into exaggerated comedy as Rob Terry brought in a chair, but Williams talked him out of using it because he didn?t want the team to get DQ?d because then Beer Money would be put into the match and it would be a three-way. Magnus then wanted to use the chair, but Williams stopped him. However, Beer Money used the DWI on Magnus and got the pin.

Samoa Joe pinned Styles in a non-title match. What a great start of a glorious title reign this has become. Daniels came out. Styles and Daniels went at it allowing Joe to choke Styles out to win.

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