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TNA Impact Tapings for November 5:

No Hulk Hogan nor Eric Bischoff at the tapings. For Thursday night’s show.

Taylor Wilde b Madison Rayne – The Beautiful People did a run-in after the match. Sarita tried and failed to make the save. ODB finally made the save.

A.J. Styles did an interview putting over Hulk Hogan, and then called out the person who jumped him. Daniels comes out, but says he’s not the guy, but he said Styles thinks he’s better than he is and has been coddled and spoiled by TNA. Daniels said he’s every bit as talented as Styles but hasn’t been givent he same chances. Joe then came out and told Styles that Daniels is jealous of him. Styles vs. Daniels is made as the main event with Joe as referee.
Beer Money b Eric Young & Rob Terry. The British Invasion went to make the save but were jumped by the Machine Guns.
Desmond Wolfe b Cody Deaner in seconds. Wolfe does an interview talking about his match with Kurt Angle at Turning Point.

Daniels is in the ring waiting when Styles gets attacked again, which eliminates Joe and Daniels as suspects. Daniels goes back to save Styles, but gets laid out first by Joe.

Tara b Hamada. Kong runs in but is stopped by security. Tara does a plancha on everyone after.

Mick Foley comes out with a drawing of himself with Abyss. They are now best friends. He announces Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie, and if Stevie loses (which he won’t, as the mystery partner shows up tomorrow), he must leave TNA.

Bobby Lashley b Homicide. Homicide jumps Lashley after but Lashley makes a comeback. Scott Steiner backstage is putting the moves of Kristal and Lashley takes off after Steiner. Homicide then goes after Earl Hebner until Amazing Red made the save.

Styles b Daniels clean with the Styles clash in a great mtch. Joe choked out Styles after the match.

Team 3-D b Matt Morgan & Hernandez when Rhino gives Bubba a chair and Bubba turns heel.

Beautiful People & Kong b ODB & Sarita & Taylor Wilde & Tara when Kong pinned Wilde.

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