The following was taped Thursday in Duluth, Georgia.

TNA Impact Wrestling for June 13, 2013:

1. Joseph Park def. Crimson in a BFG Series Qualifier.

2. Magnus def. Matt Morgan, Kenny King & Rob Terry in a BFG Series Qualfier.

* In-ring segment with Velvet Sky & Mickie James where Velvet had an envelope with papers that cleared her to compete from her recent knee injury. Mickie asked why does it say that Velvet was cleared to compete yesterday if she’s still hurt today? Mickie then attacked Velvet and locked her in an STF until referees came out to pull her off. The refs then had to help Velvet to the back as the knee injury had been re-aggravated. 

3. Bad Influence def. James Storm & Gunner in a BFG Series Qualifier. 

* In-ring segment with Hulk Hogan. Announced that Jeff Hardy & Bobby Roode, by virtue of winning the BFG Series the last 2 years, would be automatically entered into the series this year. Aces & 8s come out and Hogan says they will all compete in a battle royal tonight for a spot in the series. Aces & 8s go after Hardy & Roode, but they clear them from the ring. Roode then nails Hardy from behind with a cheapshot and leaves.

4. Austin Aries def. Eric Young in a BFG Series qualifier.

* In-ring segment with Sting. Says that because no one was there for him at Slammiversary, he is gonna search out and find a new Main Event Mafia to watch his back and get rid of Aces & 8s.

5. Mr. Anderson won the Aces & 8s Battle Royal BFG Series Qualifier. 

6. AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle in a BFG Series Qualifier.

* Aces & 8s attacked Angle afterwards until Rampage Jackson came out, wielding a chain, to make the save.