The talk is that Hulk Hogan may not show up at the Impact Zone until the current football season ends, which would be early 2010. The question as of Sunday night centered on the intentions of Eric Bischoff, and whether he would be present at Monday or Tuesday’s Impact tapings in Orlando. The general feeling is that if Bischoff worked this week’s tapings, it would show interest from the Bischoff-Hogan camp in the TNA product. If the former WCW boss isn’t present this week, the doubt that Hulk Hogan will ever show up in TNA will swell.

Hogan’s track record is what it is. Hogan was going to book New Japan Pro Wrestling years ago, and that lasted one match. He was going to be a major player with the XWF, but bailed on them to work again for Vince McMahon. Hogan has been in and out in recent stints with WWE, and the last time Hogan was working with TNA, he did just one angle. TNA wanted him to do a phone interview on PPV, and he gave them the excuse he was babysitting.

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