Time is featuring an interview with newly signed TNA star Hulk Hogan. Here are some of the highlights.

On choosing to sign with TNA Wrestling:
“When I woke up and realized I should be my own man and be responsible for being happy, I realized I still have a lot to contribute to the wrestling business. And jumping into TNA [Total Nonstop Action] and being a part of that company is huge. I have a chance to give back and help these young wrestlers who don’t understand the business and the art form.”

How pro wrestling has changed:
“The business moves so much faster now. It used to be if Andre the Giant and I had a feud, it’d probably play out six or seven months later at a big event. Nowadays, if Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan have a feud at 9 o’clock, it’s usually over by 9:30. It’s a story-telling art form to create emotion and drama and I just think a lot of that is lost.”

On taking steroids during his wrestling career:
“I just drank an iced tea here with lunch. If next year they say iced tea is worse than steroids, I’ll probably quit drinking that too. But at the time it was legal, just like drinking an iced tea is legal. The baseball players, the football players, the hockey players ? everybody I knew in every professional sport was using it to up their game, or to heal injuries, or to stay at their peak. And everybody thought it was safe.”

His thoughts on the movie “The Wrestler”:
“I thought it was great film, but as far as capturing the wrestling business it was a snapshot of a very small percentage of ex-wrestlers. It’s not really how every wrestler ends up. It wasn’t as intense as what the business is all about. And Mickey Rourke making so much drama out of cutting himself with a razor blade. Making a phone call from the dressing room is harder than cutting yourself with a razor blade. I’ve done that thousands of times.”

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