Photos of new TNA X Division title, interview with Kazarian

More photos of the new TNA X Division Championship belt reader Fabian passed along a link to Wildcat Belts showing additional photos of the new TNA X Division Championship belt that debuted this past Thursday.

To check out the photos, click here.

Kazarian talks time in WWE, his future in TNA

Chuck Carroll passed this along.

We had TNA wrestler Frankie Kazarian on 4th & Pain this week.

Kazarian joins Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and the weight loss champion Chuck Carroll to talk about his future in pro wrestling, whether he’ll sign with WWE, plans for the Bound for Glory series, and some NFL.


* Credits Christopher Daniels with crowning the phrase “You now have permission to wrestle us.”

* Thinks Christian is one of most underrated wrestlers in WWE.

* Wants to wrestle Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho

* Got his start with John Cena in California.

* Will he join WWE? Says he’s 100 percent committed to TNA and takes pride in it. Thinks being one of the guys from its inception will be a huge part of his legacy. Still, never say never.

* Who wins if he and Christopher Daniels face each other in BFG series?

* A healthy RGIII means Redskins can repeat as division champs.

* He’s a huge NFL and St. Louis Rams fan. Still, he’d take RGIII over Sam Bradford.

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