Mike Johnson of PWInsider has revealed some new information regarding TNA’s signing of Hulk Hogan and the announcement on Tuesday in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

* Many top TNA officials (including TNA President Dixie Carter and head of creative Vince Russo) had a meeting with Spike TV officials in New York City regarding strategies going forward. Were told this was something planned well in advance of the announcement that Hogan had signed with TNA as the two sides meet several times a year to discuss different aspects of the TNA and Spike partnership.

* Jeff Jarrett was not present at this meeting. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were also not part of the meeting either.

* Were told there are no plans to replace Vince Russo, Ed Ferrara or Matt Conway on TNA’s creative team despite the signing of Hogan. The general belief is that while Hogan may not be a booker, he will definitely have a say in how he is used in the company.

* Hogan has also reportedly suggested some talents he would like to see brought into TNA. Nothing has been confirmed at this point and there is no one TNA will be required to use as a result of the deal put together with Hogan and Bischoff depsite other deals Bischoff has with Ric Flair for example.

* TNA’s office staff was informed that Hulk Hogan was coming into the company around 15 minutes before the press conference in New York City on Tuesday. Were told around only five to six people were aware the deal was even happening. This is much like how other signings in the past were handled (Kurt Angle for example).

* According to Spike TV sources, there is nothing to the rumors that they plan to move Impact to Monday night to go head-to-head with WWE Raw. There were reports that the announcement of Hogan’s signing was one of many big announcements to come. However, there appears to be nothing to the rumor that Spike has plans to move the show to Monday or even begin producing live editions of the show. TNA’s production schedule is already set through April 2010, while house show tours are booked through May 2010.

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