Some news and notes have been making the rounds today since the announcement of Hulk Hogan signing with TNA Wrestling today. You can read the full press release featuring comments from TNA President Dixie Carter, Hogan and Spike TV President Kevin Kay at this link.

Here is what is known at least as of today.

* When asked about Vince Russo (the current head of TNA creative), Hogan said as long as Russo knew his place in the company then everything would be fine.

* The feeling is that Hogan will be a major on-screen character for TNA, but wasn’t expected to be wrestling on regular basis for the company.

* One part of this deal is that Spike TV will get the first look at the proposed Hogan/Ric Flair reality series.

* Speaking of Flair, he did sign a three year deal with Eric Bischoff’s company to become part of the upcoming “Hulkamania” tour of Australia in November (which is still taking place). While nothing is official, the general feeling is that Flair signing with Bischoff means he will stay involved with Hogan which could mean a possible involvement with TNA.

* Were told this was the first of many big announcements to come from TNA and Spike TV. What would be bigger than Hogan and Bischoff signing with the company is anyone’s guess. Early speculation is a possible timeslot change for Impact moving to Monday night’s to go head-to-head with Raw or additional programming that was announced when TNA signed a new TV deal with Spike this year.

* To reiterate, Dave Meltzer is reporting that they only wanted to announce the signing of Hogan and Bischoff today and that something bigger is expected soon.

* CNN cameras were filming footage at the press conference today. Hogan is on “Larry King Live” tonight so he will more than likely plug his TNA signing and his new book.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

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