Jim Cornette has a new commentary over on his official website talking about his time with TNA and working with Vince Russo.

“When I first went to work for TNA in June 2006 I was very excited. After my flameups with the WWE in 2005, I was sick of wrestling, and did very little for a year except legends reunions with the Midnight Express, and a very enjoyable run with Ring of Honor. Dutch Mantell had been calling me for about 6 months, but with my ROH commitments, and a knee injury and subsequent surgery, I could not start with TNA until summer. I had never watched TNA specifically because I knew Vince Russo had some part in it. But he had been fired some time before this, and so I began watching the TV show, and got fired up because they had great potential. Good talent, national TV, PPV, all the tools. I agreed to a deal as the TNA authority figure, the position that I have occupied most of the last three years.

Unfortunately, my excitement was tempered early. Dutch called me in September 2006 to let me know there was an “addition to the creative team…….Vince Russo.” “No! It can’t be!” I thought to myself, as my mind boggled. “I’ve done everything right! I moved from Connecticut to Kentucky in 1999 to get away from him and his paper-carrying sycophant Ed Ferrara! I’ve lived in a Russo-free zone for 7 years! I only took a job with TNA because they had already fired him! I’m supposed to be safe!”

But alas, I was not. No wrestler or wrestling fan was safe. Russo was back.”

To check out the full commentary, click here.

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