According to a report by PWInsider, Nigel McGuinness approached TNA about working out a deal when WWE decided to pull its previous offer after he failed a prescreening procedure. McGuinness’ prescreening reportedly turned up several injury issues that led to WWE having less interest in signing him including having two torn biceps and a pair of concussions during his time in Ring of Honor.

His deal with TNA went down around five to six days ago and was told to stay quiet about it. TNA had attempted to sign McGuinness in the past, but he had originally agreed to a new deal with ROH. Were also told that his new ring name in TNA, Desmond Wolf, was something he came up with and the new doctrine in TNA is to use new names so they can trademark them.

Any earlier reports suggesting that Bryan Danielson was also on his way to TNA are not true as he recently passed the prescreening process and is expected to debut anytime now in WWE. Danielson also expressed zero interest in ever working for TNA several years ago.

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