Kenneth Wesley sent this in:

First off, I’m a big fan of the site and I have been for years. This email is to give the staff what it was like to actually be at the show.

When we (me and a group of friends) first got there, there were giant lines for people to get into the arena, not to buy tickets, just to get in. Which isn’t bad, but considering that there weren’t a lot of booths for merchandise and concessions, this forced people to either buy stuff early or miss matches. Never a good sign for your company if people choose the latter. But we did see Don West in one booth.

While it wasn’t a sell-out, there arena was pretty much full besides one nosebleed section. Our seats were by the wrestlers entrance and from time to time, Vince Russo did come out. Needless to say, some of us aren’t fans of Russo and let him know. One guy was super loud and dropped a big F-bomb on him, which caused Russo to turn around a give the peace sign. Hilarious. Hector Guerrero and Taz got some pretty strong reactions from the crowd as they came to the announcing table.

For the actual card, the pre show match was a great opener. The crowd was hot for nearly the entire night. And the fans were for the part, ‘smart’ fans. Crowd popped big for the MCMG and Lethal Consequences. No explanation was given about the absence for D’Angelo Dinero or even knew that the opening match was know for the X-Division Title. The match was a spotfest (I hate thoses) but the crowd was relatively unglued. Everyone got scared when Daniels and Suicide climbed to the top of the structure, which lead to the ‘Please don’t die’ chants heard on PPV. Everyone thought Daniels did with that sickening bump. Lots of ‘This is awesome.’

The next match was the TNA Knockouts Tag Title. The crowd was super hot for the Beautiful People. And wow, these ladies are gorgeous. Taylor Wilde and Sarita are pretty as well, but there was little reaction for them. Sadly the best reaction came when Lacey got kicked out. And the whole length of time was disappointing.

During the interview for the next match for Legends title, there was a sign that said ‘Nash = Bathroom Breaks’, which other people saw as there cue to leave for said break. But people popped big time for Hernandez and EY had some pretty decent heat going.

The next match was the big 4 team tag match for both sets of titles. While none of the bumps had any of the scare moments, it eliicited some ‘This is awesome’ moments. Crowd was red hot for Team 3D and Beer Money. Steiner had the crowd going wild when he single handedly dominated one part of the match. The crowd popped again when Zakk Wylde nailed Brutus Magnus with a chair after throwing beer on him. Zakk Wylde looked natural in this environment, meaning that if he was an actual part of the tag team match, he’d probably throw down. Rhino got some great heat after getting rid of Team 3D with chair shots. One of the best matches of the night.

The three ladies in the triple threat title match were super over for the crowded, especially for Kong and Tara. During the match, people were legitimately confused when Tara went to the back due to the ODB and Kong stopping and staring. But this was a pretty good match it terms of pacing and action, a shame it didn’t go longer.

Please make sure TNA fans and officials read this part: Samoa Joe was super over with the crowd, despite TNA’s desire to bury him. Bobby Lashley was booed heavily despite TNA’s desire to push him as a face. Throughout the whole match, the crowd cheered when Joe got in any offfense and booed Lashley when he was in control. Probably because Lashley can’t wrestle. Needless to say, the crowd was pissed with the ending. 10 more minutes and this could’ve been a better match.

Abyss was over when he came out and the crowd popped big time when Foley sent Abyss through the ramp. The reaction would’ve been better if the crowd was able to see what people saw on the PPV, that big screen was only used to show logos & promos-so there was action that the crowd missed. But no one missed the botched pin. Everyone thought it was over, but it did kill any heat for the match, which was only recovered when the beautiful Daffney took the toss through the barbed wire table, which looked more dangerous considering how that guard rail was placed. The spots for the rest of the match kept the crowd on its feet. And Daffney got a ‘she’s hardcore’ chant on her way to the back.

For Angle v Morgan, Angle was tremendously over and Morgan did get some boos, but this was a great match. Morgan’s elbow strikes look great on camera, but so weak live. People started getting upset with constant kick outs of the ankle locks.

Hebner got a ton of heat and ‘You screwed Bret’ and even a ‘You screwed Joe’ chant.

The crowd popped for both Sting and AJ, who put on a great match, save for the ending because both men are better than that weak ending. Crowd laughed when AJ needed 3 mics and Sting got a standing ovation. A great way to close a great PPV.

Overall, I’d give it a low B-. Great action, great crowd reaction, but the mistakes and finishes to most of the matches aren’t supposed to be in a company’s biggest PPV of the year.

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