Dave Youell sent this in:

I sent you a report last week regarding TNA possibly showing something on Virgin towards the end of the month, at the time the details were sketchy and there was an assumption that this may be a one off because of the time slot it was given.

This is the latest thing to be posted on the TNA Facebook page:

UK FANS: Virgin 1 is giving Freeview viewers and TNA fans the opportunity to watch ?TNA iMPACT!? on Virgin 1 on Fridays at 21:00 staring on October 30, 2009. TNA fans can continue to watch ?iMPACT!? at its regular time on Bravo on Saturdays at 21:00 with encores Sunday 21:00 on Bravo 2, Saturday 09:00 on Bravo, Saturday 19:00 on Bravo 2, Sunday 08:00 on Bravo 2 and Sunday 10:00 on Bravo 2

This is great news. Soon, freeview will be mandatory for all households in the UK as analogue stations are to be switched off as everyone has to move to digital (freeview, although some cities have already completely switched). So Virgin 1 will be available to pretty much every household in the UK within the next year. Generally Virgin 1 get’s 3 times as many viewers as Bravo (as it’s a pay channel) and with the ratings between TNA and WWE being so tight and the fact that there’s only a 24 hour delay now for Impact, I think it would be safe to say that TNA will most probably start to beat WWE in the ratings once this happens. And could, in the long term, become a much stronger brand over here, no doubt this will help their UK tours as well.


Mark Tate sent this in:

The Sun newspaper has a story about TNA Impact to air on free television in the UK for a limited time at this link: click here.

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