David Long sent this report in:

TNA House Show results The O2 Dublin October 3rd 2009

TNA got the show underway with JB telling the fans he had lots of backstage passes to give away during the night

Match 1: Sheik Abdul Bashir v Super Mex Hernandez

Sheik got great heat when he went on the mic and spoke in his native tongue, fans were fully behind Super Mex in this one

Winner: Super Mex Hernandez

Earl Hebner was introduced by JB as the most controversial referee in wrestling history, lots of You Screwed Bret Chants

Match 2: Taylor Wilde v Awesome Kong v Velvet Sky

Lots of chants for Angelina Love during this one, Velvet and Taylor are incredibly hot in person

Winner: Velvet Sky

Match 3: Samoa Joe v Black Machismo Jay Lethal for the TNA X Division Championship

When Joe came to Dublin in January he got an unbelievable response. It was slightly different this time cos he was heel and he wasnt doing all the crazy things that he did as a face but he was still awesome in the ring and so was Jay. Loads of near pin falls in this one. Fans were really into it,

Winner: Samoa Joe

Match 4: British Invasion v Beer Money Inc

This was the match of the night without a doubt. British Invasion came out to solid heat and built on that by talking about the Lisbon Treaty and how Ireland would be better off rejoining the United Kingdom than being part of the EU, this did not go down well with the Irish fans and they then proceeded to sing God Save The Queen until Beer Money came out to an amazing response that lasted for their whole entrance music. They got on the mic and got the fans on one side of the arena to chant Beer and the other side to chant Money, great back and forth match with plenty of near pin falls.

At the interval i got handed a card for Irelands only dedicated wrestling radio show World Wrestling Revolution on www.wwr.ie, will check that out at some stage

Match 5: Rhino v Suicide

Rhino came out to a great response at first but quickly turned it around by rejecting the ECW chants and saying Ireland sucks

Winner: Suicide

Match 6: Kurt Angle and TNA Tag Team Titles Booker T & Scott Steiner v Abyss & Team 3D

Team 3D came through the crowd to a great response, great heat by Booker T having a go at security to make sure no kids touch him. Tables and chairs were legal

Winner: Team 3D & Abyss

At the end of the match Team 3D went on the microphone and said that Ireland has the toughest tables to break, they invited a fan into the ring and gave him a piece of the table. The fans mother was invited in, and Bubba dared D Von to kiss her and he did! There were chants to put the kid and the mother through a table and Bubba laughed and said “you are sick son of a bitches!”

Even though the arena was nowhere near capacity this was a great TNA show and hats off to the roster for pulling out a great event and giving a 110% effort

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