TNA House Show Results – 10/3/09
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Martin Ward sent this report in:

The following occured at the TNA House Show at The O2 in Dublin, on Saturday October 3rd.

Jeremy Borash welcomes us all, announcing the loudest fans will be given backstage passes. The crowd of about 3,000 people reacts with a huge ovation.

Match 1
Abdul Bashir vs Hernandez
Abdul tried to calm the crowd who were in a frenzy for Hernandez, when they didn’t cease he walked out. Hernandez gave chase and dragged him back to the ring where he made short work of Abdul finishing him with a sit down powerbomb.
Winner: Hernandez

Match 2
Earl Hebner is introduced as the official for the next match, Dublin remembers Montreal and Hebner gets some serious heat.
Knockouts Title Match
Taylor Wilde vs Awesome Kong vs Velvet Sky
In the very early going Awesome Kong hit Taylor Wilde with a body block which spun Wilde inside out. Wilde landed right on the back of her head and crawled to the edge of the ring while Sky and Kong matched up. Wilde would eventually make it back to her feet and hit Sky with a belly to belly suplex for the pin. The match lasted less than 3 minutes which could possibly mean Wilde was legitimately hurt.
Winner: Taylor Wilde

Match 3
X Division Title Match
Samoa Joe vs Jay Lethal
Both men got big pops, Joe is without face paint and is wearing Muay Thai like shorts, like the Samoa Joe of old. Joe’s offense is extremely aggressive with rapid strikes, and seems to be loving the the support from the fans. Lethal relied mainly on counter attacks and both men traded suicide dives. Around 5 minutes in Joe begins to go heel on the crowd. Lots of near falls and false finishes before a good chain wrestling sequence leads to Joe choking Lethal out.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Match 4
Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus vs Beer Money Inc.
Hands down, biggest ovation of the night goes to Beer Money Inc. The British Invasion cut an Anglo-Irish heel promo before the match. Beer money are incredibly over with the fans in Dublin. Beer Money enjoyed the majority of the offense. The finish came off the back of a 4 man Tower Of Doom which was executed perfectly. This was followed up by lots of creative double teaming by Beer Money before hitting they’re finisher for the win.
Winners: Beer Money Inc.

Match 5
Rhyno vs Suicide
Rhyno cut a heel promo in objection to an E-C-W chant that was roaring through the arena. There was a surprising amount of rest holds in this match by both men and it wasn’t a long match either. Rhyno hit a huge Gore which Suicide kicked out of. When Rhyno goes for a second Gore Suicide dodges and catches Rhyno with a roll up for the win.
Winner: Suicide
Earl Hebner was officiating this match and as he left he grabbed the mic, thanked us for coming and said he was glad he screwed Bret!

Main Event
No DQ 6 Man Tag with Mick Foley as the guest Enforcer
Scott Steiner, Booker T & Kurt Angle vs Team 3-D & Abyss
Not sure why we need an Enforcer if it’s No DQ, but hey it’s nice to see Foley.
Team 3-D made they’re entrance through the crowd ala Sandman.
Booker got on the mic and told a member of security that if any of the fans laid a hand on him or Sharmell that security must throw those fans out. I didn’t get a close look at what happened next but it appears the security guard either spat at Booker or said something offensive. Booker shot out of the ring and made for the security guard, Borash and Steiner got between them as the Security guard back away. Booker was clearly upset and repeatedly called the security guard a “son of a bitch” while still on the mic. The Match eventually got started but for the most part stayed in the ring and the No DQ stipulation seemed irrelavant.
Steiner took offense to something said by a front row fan and shoved the fan quite hard. The fan retaliated but was soon mobbed by members of security.
Angle was almost a spectator in the match being tagged in for less than 3 minutes in total.
Steiner messed up a top rope suplex on Bubba Ray which saw Steiner land awkwardly.
The finish saw team 3-D put Steiner through a table after Foley had used Mr. Socko on Steiner.
Winners: Team 3-D & Abyss

At the end of the show there was a beer bash in the ring with all the faces, which included Taylor Wilde. Foley and Team 3-D signed the broken table and presented it to a young fan.

This was a solid house show from TNA, but I think fans were disappointed in the absense of AJ Styles, Daniels, Homicide, MCMG, and decent performances from Angle and Jay Lethal, plus the fact there were only 6 matches on the card and some were extremely short.
Lets hope they’re just saving themselves for big performances at Bound For Glory.

Stay Classy,
Martin Ward.

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