British Boot Camp 2 talent campaigns for his theme song

TNA British Boot Camp 2 wrestler Grado, who has a cult following in the UK and will be wrestling Al Snow on this week’s TNA Impact Wrestling, has begun a campaign to get the theme song he has used on the independents, the well-known Madonna song “Like a Prayer” to be officially signed off on by the legendary pop star. Grado issued a statement on Facebook that said the following about the campaign:

“This might fall on its arse, but its worth a go… As most of you know, for entrance music I use a version of ‘Like A Prayer’ originally recorded by Madonna. TNA wrestling had managed to negotiate with several important publishers to get the rights for the song, and this Friday on American telly I was getting the go-ahead for my match with Al Snow from The Hydro to be shown in full, with the ‘Like A Prayer’ entrance – I was over the moon!! Until today, we received an e-mail saying “Please be advised that the request below for the use of ‘Like A Prayer’ has been denied on behalf of Madonna​ ” Now I get the feeling there is no way, she herself was on the blower talking about some daft Scottish wrestler about using her choon on the tv, which is why I want to try and reach out to her Madge herself and to let her know how much the song means to myself and the wrestling world! I never want to use any other theme music, or some dubbed shite, there is no better feeling than a big rowdy crowd going bush to this song. I want her to watch this wee video and hopefully she can tell the folk representing her to let me use it! So I’m looking for anyone who likes my page or follows me on Twitter to give her a shout and show her this vid and see if we can persuade her! #SayYesMadonna”

The #SayYesMadonna hashtag has trended on Twitter in the UK and the campaign story has been picked up by BBC and Time Magazine, which you can view both articles below. ‘Say yes Madonna,’ begs wrestler Grado, over use of Like a Prayer Watch This Wrestler’s Endearing Plea to Madonna to Let Him Use ‘Like a Prayer’ as Walk-On Music