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Samoa Joe offers his “protection” to Wrestlers Rescue!

In the world of professional wrestling, Samoa Joe is known for his ‘stiff and hard-hitting style?, which is respected by both fans and wrestlers alike. His stints as TNA and ROH Champion are held in high regard around the industry. Joe has seen what the rigors of ?Sports Entertainment? can have on a wrestler’s body and has decided to give back by assisting Wrestlers Rescue with their Dr. Death Campaign. He has graciously donated a shadowbox frame containing the pair of white kick pads (signed and dated) and wrap worn on the evening of March 22, 2003, when he won the ROH Heavyweight Championship in Philadelphia, PA.

Starting at 5pm EST USA on September 18th, 2009, Wrestlers Rescue will be holding an auction starting at $149.99 USD, plus S&H, for this one of a kind item. The funds raised from this will be used to aid ?Dr. Death? Steve Williams, with his health care costs as he fights cancer cells in his stoma. For a link to this auction, please visit

For further information about Wrestlers Rescue, including our ?Dr. Death Campaign?, 2010 Wrestlers Rescue cruise, and more, please visit

Wrestlers Rescue would like to thank you for posting this press release, and supporting us in spreading the word for our causes.

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