Glen Varis sent this in:

Jeff Jarrett appeared on Rove, an Australian chat/comedy show here and announced an upcoming TNA tour of Australia.

Highlights were shown of Jarrett hitting Rove Mcmanus with a guitar in`01 at a WWA card in Sydney or Melbourne.

While Jarrett turned to talk to Rove`s jabroni, Peter Helliar, Rove smacked Jarrett with a prop chair, which didn’t faze Jarrett. Rove repeated how long he had been waiting for revenge. All in all it was done in fun.

Jarrett then announced an Australian tour. Sydney and Melbourne(Of course), Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth in late February/early March. Jarrett also announced a “American Idol” type talent show in every capital city, for what reason I’m not sure. But he mentioned something about the first being held this Tuesday in Melbourne or Sydney (Again – Of course!) in one of the malls.

So this is just a shout out to all those who may have missed it. Although Rove rates extremely high so most will already be aware. I, for one, will be going as I`m sure they will put a bit more effort in to their shows than what WWE did in July.

Glen Varis
Perth, Western Australia

Note from Adam Martin:

A clip of Jarrett’s appearance on the show can be viewed below.

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