During a meeting held before last week’s TNA Impact TV tapings in Orlando, TNA President Dixie Carter was praised for being more authoritative than ever. According to a report by ProWrestling.net, Carter also rubbed some of the wrestlers the wrong way during the meeting in which she announced TNA had signed a new three-year deal with Spike TV. She reportedly gave a pep talk regarding the need for in-ring improvement and some wrestlers felt she was speaking out of turn because she herself has never been in the ring. At the same time, others felt her intentions were good and the “mission statement” was that veterans should work with younger wrestlers more. Either way, morale was said to be up at last week’s TV tapings and a big party was also held later that night to celebrate with the new TV deal with Spike.

In regards to the creative direction of the company, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that while Vince Russo is the lead writer, Carter is in charge of the big picture direction. The new philosophy by Carter is trying to make the product more sports-oriented by giving referees more “power” and having less run-ins and interference. Another big thing Carter reportedly wanted to see was the pushing of younger talent like Hernandez (who is said to be one of her favorites), Matt Morgan and the newly signed Bobby Lashley. Another change is the announcing by introducing Taz with Mike Tenay and pulling Don West from TV. Jarrett was said to be in favor of the two hours of “high-energy” from West, but introducing Taz was a way to provide a different type of on-air product.

Carter makes her Impact debut tonight on Spike TV.

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